Freightliner concept truck for the ITTES

What’s a truck show without a concept truck? This year’s International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne on April 3-6 will have the Revolution Innovation concept vehicle from Freightliner taking pride of place in the Daimler pavilion. The truck will be part of the festivities to celebrate 25 years of Freightliner in Australia.

The concept truck was first displayed at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky a couple of years ago. It was build to show what could be done to the standard conventional cab in the future. It features a rear access door in the rear wall of the cabin and does away with the passenger seat, substituting with auxiliary seating along the back wall of the cab, able to turn into a bunk.


One of the key elements of the design is aerodynamics, the drooping bonnet provides a clean airflow over the front of the truck and side rearview cameras do away with the need for mirrors. The wraparound windscreen and clean cabin sides further improve aerodynamic performance.


The cabin interior is designed as a roomy day cab with provision for sleeping if required. Of course, the truck comes with full connectivity. There is an integrated tablet device in the cabin to control a number of functions and internet and entertainment connections included in the package. A full diagnostics, navigation and communication system is accessible in the cabin.


One of the fuel saving devices included in the design is a second drive axle which disconnects from the driveline at cruising speeds. This serves to reduce fuel consumption by reducing drag on the driveline when a second drive axle is not required. The system automatically changes the truck over from 6×4 to 6×2 as and when required.


With no major new models on display from the truck manufacturers a display like the Revolution will have the kind of ‘wow’ factor show visitors will be looking for when they come in through the gates in the first week of April at the Melbourne Showground.