Fuel economy matters

Is fuel economy a really big deal? Do we mean it when we say we want to reduce fuel consumption significantly? The answer is hard to work out, no-one will ever say they don’t care about fuel economy, but so much of our behaviour in trucks and the way we set them up goes against maximising km/litre. In this video Volvo go into some of the things we need to think about and the effect of behaviour changes on fuel economy.

Scania is also a big believer in training drivers to get the best fuel results, but the company has also introduced a number of technical improvement on the Streamline model to get fuel economy even further down. Here is a explanation of how Scania have achieved what it calls the ‘Greenest Truck’.

In the USA, saving fuel is a major concern for all fleets and a lot of effort is putting into improving driver habits and fitting taller diffs to get cruising rpm levels down. This is how International reckon fuel can be saved.

Meanwhile, MAN are taking a very long and circuitous route across Europe to get to the big truck show in Hannover and getting a claimed 6.5 per cent improvement in fuel economy.