Gulf Western Oil – Your complete driveline lubrication solution 

Gulf Western Oil – Your complete driveline lubrication solution 

Through delivering tens of millions of litres of high-quality lubricants annually for over 30 years to transport, mining, industrial and agriculture, Gulf Western Oil understands just how crucial it is to provide high-quality lubrication solutions that surpass every requirement and more. In fact, as testament to their popularity and success in providing quality products to these industries, Gulf Western Oil is currently the largest Australian owned lubricants manufacturer and very proud of it, growing from strength to strength each and every year. 



The diesel engine is the backbone of the transport industry worldwide. Repair, downtime and running costs can play a big part when it comes to a company’s success or failure.

Many of you will have heard about Gulf Western Oil’s ground breaking new TOP DOG Indestructible 15W-40 CK-4 Severe-Duty Diesel Engine Oil that’s shaking up the industry. It’s ‘Beyond CK-4’ capability is achieving incredible results seen right across the Transport sector, with companies like Blenners Transport in QLD for example, and their 160 strong fleet seeing dramatically reduced engine wear, increased fuel efficiency and up to 60,000 Km service intervals in conjunction with additional bypass filtration. Oil sampling performed at intervals right through see stable and repeatable results 24 hours 7 days a week.

This uncompromising, next-generation Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil contains game-changing Indestructible additive technology specifically designed to protect high powered, turbocharged Heavy Duty Diesel Engines. The unique formulation contains performance enhancing and superior wear protection technology that far exceeds the requirements of the latest API CK-4 lubricant specification.

TOP DOG Indestructible 15W-40 CK-4 meets the requirements of most modern engine manufacturers’ specifications, and being backwards compatible with API CJ-4, CI-4 and CH-4 means that it will also suit most older style heavy-duty diesel engines. Having a low SAPS level, it is also suitable for Diesel engines fitted with EGR, DPF and SCR/AdBlue.

Much like the innovation displayed with TOP DOG Indestructible 15W-40 CK-4, Gulf Western Oil takes that same approach with all of its products, always pushing the boundaries with intense research and development, not just in the laboratory but also out in the field, covering every possible scenario to ensure the continual creation of innovative industry-leading products.  All this is backed by API licensed and OEM approved products manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance management system in their huge state of the art Sydney based production facility, which houses a vast amount of global industry experience all under the one roof. 


Transmissions support copious amounts of torque and punishment, along with thousands of ratio selections around the clock, but the team at Gulf Western have it well and truly covered with options like their SYN-TORQUE 50, a non-EP full synthetic formulation for use in Eaton Fuller transmissions, offering exceptional protection and long life. Gulf Western’s tried and proven ULTRA CLEAR GEAR OILS are another great option, available in a wide range of viscosities to ensure a suitable solution for your AMT or manual transmission. Another technologically advanced offering is their latest SYN-TS and SYN-TS ZFV range, consisting of full synthetic automatic transmission fluids for Allison, ZF and Voith transmissions, offering exceptional protection and reduced shudder to ensure a more comfortable driving experience. 

Final Drive

Final Drives harness all that load at the end of the line, withstanding intense heat and punishment where the rubber meets the road. Once again Gulf Western comes to the rescue with its ULTRA CLEAR 80W-140. This full synthetic high-performance axle fluid offers exceptional protection across a broad range of axles from Meritor, Sisu, Dana and other key manufacturers. To cover all options, they also offer ULTRA DRIVE 80W-90, a semi-synthetic high-performance axle fluid offering excellent protection in on-highway road train and heavy haul applications.

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