Haulmark Heads South

Haulmark heads South

A trailer maker known for its rugged Queensland and Territory-based equipment has found a new home, as Haulmark heads South, taking it away from its core market and widening its base and activities. Diesel Workshop talks to the man who set up the South Australian Haulmark workshop, Darryl Smith.

There is quite a lot involved in good trailer maintenance, not least the wide variety of trailers needing work done, from flat-tops all the way through tankers to livestock crates. The new Haulmark facility which has opened in Adelaide handles this wide range, plus it offers truck servicing as well. 

Haulmark originates from Brisbane and has been a stalwart of the trailer building industry, specialising in trailers and dollies designed to put up with the rigours of travelling at high masses and at high speeds on the badly maintained roads of country Queensland. Over the years the company has grown, with a presence across the border in the Northern Territory.

Now, there is a third facility in the Adelaide area, more precisely in Edinburgh. The facility opened earlier this year and has seemed to hit the ground running, picking up plenty of trailer maintenance and as well as truck maintenance work at the facility.

One of the stimuli for setting up a facility in the south was an ongoing Defence contract involving Haulmark trailers, and it makes sense to set up trailer maintenance facilities where the military are setting up their main bases, hence Darwin and Adelaide. However, Haulmark also reckoned there was room for a specialist trailer and truck workshop for the trucking industry in the area.


Haulmark heads South


“We cover all facets of repair,” says Darryl Smith, Haulmark Branch Manager in South Australia. “Servicing and repair of both trailers and trucks as well as trailer manufacturing. This is predominantly a trailer focussed business, but we can also work on our customer’s trucks. If a customer comes in to get some servicing work done on their stock crate and needs their truck serviced at the same time, we have that capability and skill level to do that too.

“This is a totally new venture for us and a bit of a different direction for the company, as well. We are getting more into a retail presence, rather than our more traditional position as solely as a manufacturer. 

“It started in Darwin, where we went more into retail for the first time. It worked very well for us in Darwin and that was the catalyst to come to Adelaide with a more retail focus. Next, we are starting a large presence in Townsville.”


Haulmark heads South


This is part of a process for Haulmark of looking into the future and preparing to move the company forward into new areas and extend from the role as a trailer and dolly manufacturer only. This increasing footprint means the company can support its product on a national scale. The South Australian trailer market is very different to its Northern neighbours, but Haulmark is looking to extend its capabilities to develop outside of its homeland. 

This presence in Adelaide will see the company dealing on a day-to-day basis with the trucking industry in the area servicing its trucks and trailers, but also getting to know the local preferences and develop trailer designs to suit local needs. 


Haulmark heads South