Hino Heavy For Australia?

Hino Heavy For Australia?

Does this video give us our first real glimpse of a new Hino heavy for Australia? This presentation was made at the recent Work Truck Show, held in Indianapolis. A quick examination of the specifications of the vehicle suggests adaptation would be possible to give Hino a foothold in the heavier end of the medium duty and the lighter end of the heavy duty truck market.

Bringing a conventional Japanese truck to Australia would take Hino into uncharted waters and out of the shadow of, long time rivals,  Isuzu. The XL would offer Hino a chance to get its trucks into segments of the market it has never been able to service and offer more choice to its customers.

There is a lasting legacy of affection for the conventional in the Australian trucking community. Many great trucking businesses were built using conventional trucks adapted and toughened up from other markets like the US.

There are also some practical reasons to have a look at a model like this. The bonneted truck has less difficulty staying under the 6.5 tonne front axle mass limit and getting in and out of the truck can be much easier, and safer, for the driver without the front drive wheels being directly under the driver’s door.

The new models are available in configurations from 4×2 through to 6×4. Power comes from a nine litre Hino A 09 engine with ratings from 300 to 360 hp available. Trucks will be available in both rigid and prime mover form. The prime movers are going to be rated up to a GCM of 30 tonnes and the rigids up to 27 tonnes.

“Considering our remarkable success in Class 4-7 in North America, and our growing global presence in the Class 8 market, entering the North American heavy duty segment makes for the next logical step,” said Yoshinori Noguchi, President and CEO of Hino Trucks North America at the launch at the US Work Truck Show. “Not to mention our customers and our dealer network have been asking for this for some time.”

There was plenty of interest in the new model at the US launch:

Specifications of the new models include a Collision Mitigation System using radar to provide active braking, Electronic Stability Control and Lane Departure Warning. Transmissions come from Allison in auto and Eaton in manual.


Now, all of this is pure conjecture. Hino are making no comment about the possibility of releasing this truck here. Careful viewing of this video did not reveal any Hino Australia representatives in the crowd. However, that doesn’t mean to say they weren’t there!