HPFV goes Interactive in Victoria

The Victorian Government is extending its High Productivity Freight Vehicle scheme and making information more accessible to the trucking industry. The latest announcement made by Luke Donnellan, Victoria’s Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and Ports will see longer heavy vehicles allowed to use more roads to transport goods.

The Minister announced the new policy to a room of industry leaders at the Victoria Transport Association’s Ministerial Breakfast. The announcement was accompanied by the introduction of an interactive HPFV map, available on the VicRoads website. This will allow operators to better plan journey by displaying infrastructure restrictions along the route for vehicles that fit within the prescribed physical envelope and size.

The HPFVs in question allow GCMs up to 77.5 tonnes on 30 metre long B-doubles fitted with quad axle groups on the trailers. Those with a quad axle group on the lead trailer and just a triable group on the rear are allowed up to 73 tonnes GCM.

The new interactive map shows route in Victoria where HPFV vehicles can run at full mass, in green. There are also routes are approved for the combinations, but at a lower GCM. The blue routes show those routes which will allow full mass operation after planned upgrades. red routes are limited to the 68 tonnes allowed under HML.

All trucks operating in the program need permits from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, as well as Intelligent Access Program equipment, NHVAS, ABS, road friendly suspension and is limited to 90 km/h.

“The VTA has worked closely with the Andrews Government and VicRoads to see this policy come together and we’re pleased it’s now a reality,” said Peter Anderson, VTA CEO. “The ability to carry increased volume with single vehicles means increased productivity and decreased congestion, and that’s good news for everyone.

“These new HPFV network maps are a powerful tool for freight operators. Their interactivity and the depth of information available will help operators plan their journeys with certainty and, in turn, quote with certainty.

“In an increasingly competitive space, operators must invest in their business. This tool will help them do just that by giving them the confidence to make informed decisions and allowing them to forecast and plan for their future.”

While currently the HPFV maps only display information relevant to Super B-Doubles in both quad/tri and quad/quad configurations, it will receive ongoing updates, with A-doubles up to 85.5 tonnes to be added over the coming months.