Latest New Models from Kenworth

latest new models from Kenworth

The two latest new models from Kenworth are the T410 and the T360, effectively replacing the current T409 and the T359. These are the most recent updates to the Kenworth range, as the 2.1 metre wide standard cabin design works its way across the offering from the Bayswater-based company.

The first in the sequence was the introduction of the T610, which came out two years ago and has been accepted as a viable model. In fact, the T610 and the T610 SAR has comprised over 30 per cent of the recent production at Paccar’s assembly plant in Bayswater.

This is not just a new cabin introduction; it is radical progression of the Paccar product in Australia, designed to keep up-to-date with developments in the US and in Europe. Along with the 2.1 metre cab shell there is also the latest electronic architecture. Gone is the tightly packed spaghetti of wiring behind the dash.This has been replaced with a state-of-the-art CANbus – electronic control and sensors all communicating and powered through the same channels.

While the rest of the Kenworth range, now becoming known as the ‘legacy’ models, were conceived in the pre-electronic age, the new truck models are capable of handling the future demands of ever-increasing sophistication in systems. The new trucks are able to offer, as options, all of the latest and greatest safety equipment, like active cruise control, lane keeping, reversing camera, dash cams and more.

In introducing these new models, Kenworth are classifying their truck offering in a more rational fashion. The market is now divided up into models designed to utilise a particular engine configuration and not the previous mix and match approach.


latest new models from Kenworth


“We always had the intention of introducing the cabs from the T610 into the rest of the product line-up,” says Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing Paccar Australia. “We wanted to do a bit of a reset on our range. We looked at designing the trucks specifically to what the markets are.”

The new models are part of a general realignment of the model range in the Kenworth world. The T610 trucks are now those fitted with 15-litre engines from Cummins and the T410 range are trucks fitted with the 13-litre engine from Paccar, the MX13.

In the past, a model like the T409SAR was often sold fitted with a 15-litre X15 engine, but this is no longer the case. If you want a 15-litre engine, you go the T610 or any of the other T6 models still available, plus, of course, the T909. The T410 will only be available with a Paccar 13-litre.

The new classifications have the effect of limiting choice to a certain extent, but quite a lot of customisation is still available to the Kenworth buyer with engine choice now being brought up to date. There may be some who might be put off by the single Paccar engine choice, but these improved engines also come along with a lot of innovation for Kenworth.


latest new models from Kenworth


Also, these choices reduce the cost of truck and driveline development. The research and development teams have only had to design the entire truck to be fitted with one and not a series of choices. 

Going to the much more modern design of the new cabin across the range brings a number of improvements to all the new trucks. This includes better visibility and access with the enlarged glass windscreens and deeper door windows. These are further aided by modern mirrors added to the A pillar and not the door. The doors also open at a wider circumference than Kenworths of the past. 

Further increasing the safety options on the new trucks, the electronic architecture means that all new models have the same safety system. Truck buyers can option in active cruise control, lane keeping, stability control and the latest braking technologies in both the T410 and the T360.


latest new models from Kenworth