Maintaining Correct Tyre Pressure

maintaining correct tyre pressure

There are many well understood benefits of maintaining correct tyre pressure. The air inside tyre provides internal forces necessary for the tyre to perform as intended. Despite this many tyres are operated outside of their recommended pressure for various reasons. It can be challenging to maintain tyres particularly on commercial vehicles. Checking pressures takes time and requires access to vehicles that often don’t stay still for long. 

To help optimise tyre performance Goodyear Dunlop has been working towards improving the way pressure maintenance is carried out in the field. Fleet Audits, Drive Over Readers and TPMS are different approaches to this problem although the goal is the same.

Fleet audits are undertaken by tyre technicians using digital tread depth and pressure gauges. The results are collated and allows a high-level view of a fleets condition. Over time this information can assist in identifying which vehicles need additional maintenance. Having an operator inspect the tyre also allow for other observation and feedback. 

A Drive over Reader is designed to be installed at a fleet depot or other commonly travelled area. Trucks need to simply drive over the reader in a straight line and at a steady speed up to 18 kmph. No sensors or equipment need to be installed in the tyre or wheel. As each tyre contacts the reader an optical system and laser is used to determine the tread depth. The tyre pressure is derived by measuring the tyres footprint and weight using an array of sensors. The system also provides visibility of the weight distribution between axles and sides of the vehicle.


maintaining correct tyre pressure


Goodyear’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) uses battery powered sensors on each wheel transmitting pressure & temperature data every two minutes. A telematics box is mounted to the vehicle collecting the tyre information and transmitting it to a cloud server via mobile networks. To ensure maximum availability the device works with multiple mobile networks switching automatically based on signal strength. Algorithms are applied to the data collected to detect issues before they become problems. If an issue is detected or limits are exceeded an automatic alert is sent to the fleet or service provider. Knowing exactly which tyres need attention and where the vehicle is can enable targeted maintenance and help maximize uptime. 

Goodyear is focused on using technology to improve the value of our products and services. Fleet Audits, Drive over Readers and TPMS are some of the ways we helping our customers to get the best performance out of our tyres by maintaining correct tyre pressure.



maintaining correct tyre pressure