Major Global Truck Maker Brand, Traton

new bid to buy Navistar

Today sees the introduction of a new major truck maker brand, Traton. This is the name chosen by the powers that be at the head of the Volkswagen Truck and Bus Group. 

The group includes European truck manufacturers Scania and MAN as well as the large Volkswagen truck manufacturing operation in South America. The entity also holds a stake in US truck maker, Navistar, and has signalled its desire to complete a takeover of the Chicago-based owner of the International brand.

VW Truck and Bus have also developed a relationship with Hino in Japan in recent times and the two are working on some joint development projects. If the new Traton operation could finalise a takeover of Navistar, it would become one of the global powerhouses in truck building.


new major truck maker brand, Traton


If the relationship with Hino strengthened or the, often speculated, takeover of Isuzu in Japan was to take place, the Traton organisation could claim to be the equal of the global top guns, Daimler and Volvo.

“The new name Traton is a major milestone on our road to become Global Champion of the transportation industry,” said Andreas Renschler, CEOVolkswagen Truck and Bus Group and member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. “Since our foundation, we have grown together faster than expected. Traton provides us with more independence. 


new major truck maker brand, Traton


“It will further strengthen our Group’s joint identity and uniqueness. The new name will also foster our visibility as the leading Group for innovative transportation solutions. It will increase our attractiveness for new talents as well as for capital markets.”

Renschler is a very ambitious man, as he proved when in charge of Daimler’s truck division. He was at the helm as the company stepped out of its homeland in Germany and became the global leader we see today. He is also backed by the Volkswagen board who have plenty of capital at their disposal to enable these ambitious plans to come to fruition.