Meritor components available as Meritor Genuine

Meritor brake shoe kits and drive heads  available as Meritor Genuine

Customers familiar with the Meritor product offering  may have noticed subtle changes to packaging as the global axle and braking giant reminds customers it is an original equipment provider to some of the world’s biggest truck brands and makes Meritor components available as Meritor Genuine.  The company, which is a leading producer of axles, brakes and drivelines for heavy commercial vehicles, has made some branding changes designed to send a clear message to customers about the quality of the products they are fitting to their vehicles Meritor brake shoe kits and drive heads will now be branded as genuine.

“Product that is approved as original equipment will be transitioning into the new Meritor GENUINE brand as part of a global initiative” said Meritor Australia Product & Marketing Manager Adam Carroll.  “The Meritor GENUINE brand represents our flagship offering.  We invest millions of dollars globally developing and testing innovative products that satisfy the most demanding of truck manufacturers.  By putting the Meritor GENUINE brand on the box we’re letting customers know they’re purchasing a product that has met or exceeded the most stringent requirements out there for safety, durability and reliability.”

The first products in Australia to transition to Meritor GENUINE brand were the popular range of brake shoe kits for truck/trailer and bus, commonly referred to in the industry as the “KSMA” range.  The majority of these kits are riveted and assembled locally in Melbourne using the same quality componentry, processes and equipment approved by the company globally.

“We started with the brake shoe kits because they are our largest and most well-known product group.” said Adam.  “More recently we’ve also rebranded our replacement drive heads to Meritor GENUINE but there remains a suite of other replacement parts, from universal joints to king pin kits, that we also produce to the same exacting standards for many of our original equipment (OE) customers and which will be transitioning from Meritor to Meritor GENUINE in the future. 

“It’s all about letting customers know they have a clear choice.  If they’re looking for a product that will perform as well as that fitted to the truck when it first rolled off the production line it’s a simple matter of looking for the Meritor GENUINE brand on the box.”

Meritor components available as Meritor Genuine products are now available from major OEM truck dealerships across Australia.


Meritor brake shoe kits and drive heads  available as Meritor Genuine