National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Using Intelligence

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator using intelligence

The new roadside regime in South Australia sees the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator using intelligence in a new way. New technology is helping the NHVR roadside crews in the state and ensuring the trucks being checked are in need of the once-over. 

The roadside teams are now working with an on-road app on a hand-held device. If a truck has been stopped in NSW and spoken to about certain issues, then later on stopped in SA, officers can look on the app and see what it was stopped for.

If the truck was given a certain level inspection, the officer can check on the app and see it’s been checked. Then they can let the truck through without holding the it up.

“We have a lot more joint operations planned with our stakeholders,” says Paul Simionato, NHVR Operations Manager in South Australia. “We are now heavily focused on doing more intelligence-based operations rather than “fishing in a barrel” at a weigh-bridge. Our teams recently conducted an operation in Yunta (on the Barrier Highway, where the road from Broken Hill in NSW heads across to Adelaide). A lot of the operators were surprised we weren’t sitting on weigh-bridges anymore.”

NHVR is building up its intelligence capability in Adelaide, the process involves heat mapping, working out where the trouble spots are. This data is used to decide how to deploy roadside teams across SA.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator using intelligence


“We are no longer fishing at the side of the road and seeing what falls out of a tree,” says Paul. “Those days are gone, we need to get smarter. We recently used Safe-T-Cam data from NSW about unlicensed trailers and a disqualified driver traveling across the state. They did some calculations and managed to intercept him at Tailem Bend.

“We have the National Compliance Enforcement System cameras coming in and we have Safe-T-Cam in NSW and SA data as well, so the network will be a lot larger and we will get a lot more intel from it. We will be doing a lot more intel-based operations. It’s a more effective use of our resources. 


National Heavy Vehicle Regulator using intelligence


“We need to continue to get smarter in the conduct of our compliance activities,” says Paul. “We recently combined intelligence from NSW and SA to track a heavy vehicle driven by a disqualified driver and hauling unregistered trailers. We managed to provide live information to our on-road compliance officers that resulted in an intercept at Tailem Bend, and grounding of the vehicle.

“In the future we will be conducting more intel-based operations. It’s a more effective use of our resources and provides less delay to drivers and operators. 

“If a trucking operator is being stopped and regularly shown to be compliant, why would you keep stopping their trucks? We are trying to weed out the rogues in the industry and reduce the focus on compliant operators.”

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