New Cascadia in Camo

Freightliner in the US have launched the new Cascadia in camo, mixing metaphors about camouflaged trucks on test and also emphasising the importance of the military to the US. Here is a run through on all of the electronic safety systems to be fitted on the next generation of the Freightliner Cascadia, as it was launched last week.

This is the official launch video for the Cascadia running through the new truck’s specifications and featuring some nifty animation showing its design:

The question is often asked of Daimler, especially here in Australia, as to why the two main brands sold by the manufacturer seem to take a different approach to safety. One, Mercedes Benz is a leader in introducing  countless safety features, both electronic and innovate airbags. On the other hand, Freightliner does not include all of the latest developments. This is a difficult difference to adequately explain. Often customer preference is highlighted as the reason.

The video showing the safety systems will be very familiar to anyone who has test driven the new Actros from Mercedes Benz, due for launch later this year. The steering wheel on the new Cascadia, including its many control switches, as well as the interface on the LCD screen in the dashboard are exactly the same as those Australians will start to see when the Actros is unveiled.

We may have to wait quite a bit longer to see the Cascadia, in any form on our roads. After choosing not to bring in the first generation Cascadia, and introducing the new Coronado, Daimler have stated the Cascadia will be coming to our shores. However, it is not likely until the run-up to the next level of emission controls begins.

This divergence of safety specification within one manufacturer is not confined to Freightliner. Volvo trucks are also leaders in driver safety, but not all of the options available from the Swedish brand also migrate across to the Mack Truck.