New Driver License Check System

A new driver license check system has been introduced by Duncan Gay, NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight. The new set up allows operators to check multiple licence and demerit point status at one time.


New Driver License Check System


The voluntary system is designed to simplify the checking of employee licence and demerit information by reducing the processing associated with the task.

“Road safety is the ultimate winner,” said a statement from the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association of NSW. “The system will allow operators to engage in pro-active compliance and initiate early-intervention. An operator will have the ability to systematically check the status of up to 1000 employees at a time, replacing the previous laborious task of checking each employees’ status individually.

“Security and privacy of information has been well-considered and no information can be exchanged without valid consent.”

The LBCA estimate the administrative task associated with licence checks will be reduced by approximately 80 per cent.

“The NSW Government just keep delivering”, said LBCA President, Lynley Miners.“A logical, simple to use and efficient system that helps us to manage our chain of responsibility obligations is great news and a welcomed tool to assist operators to improve overall road safety”.

The Australian Logistics Council was also quick to welcome the changes, which will streamline the previous system to enable operators to check multiple licences and demerit point status at one time.

“ALC has long called for transport companies to have the ability to be able to confirm whether employees and contractors driving their vehicles have an appropriate and valid heavy vehicle licence,” said Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director. “I congratulate Minister Gay on progressing this important road safety reform. Being able to confirm licence validity on an ongoing basis is an important step forward from a safety perspective and demonstrates the Government’s willingness to work with industry on practical measures that will improve safety and efficiency on our roads.

“Similarly, the changes announced today by Minister Gay in regards to ‘real-time’ demerit point status will ease the administrative burden on many transport operators and will help strengthen heavy vehicle safety. ALC would encourage other jurisdictions which have yet to reform their licence checking arrangements to implement similar measures so we have a national approach.

“Having seamless regulatory arrangements for such things as licence checking is needed to drive both productivity and safety outcomes, and is critical to underpinning the efficient movement of freight across state borders.”