New Kenworths on their Way

new Kenworths on their way

Just in time for the Brisbane Truck Show this year there are new Kenworths on their way, it seems there may be some new models from Paccar due to appear, according to a speech by Paccar’s Director of Product Planning, Ross Cureton, at the NatRoad Conference, on Hamilton Island.

Of course, Ross didn’t go into any further detail on the new models, but we know a bigger cabin for the T610 is on the cards and will be appearing. It may be the case that the new truck designs will include the extension of the re-engineering which created the T610 to have been applied to the larger T9s and/or to the smaller T4s.

The process has involved integrating a common cabin across the range from Kenworth. This not only streamlines the production process, but also means the Kenworth experience will become more similar, no matter which Kenworth you drive.

The probable T410 is likely to have gone through a similar process to the T610. The cabin could move forward over the engine to minimise BBC dimension and leave room for equipment or a sleeper behind the basic cabin.


new Kenworths on their way


The chances are Kenworth will be more conservative in approaching the iconic T9. The current T909 is unlikely to be supplanted by a new design, but may be supplemented by any T910 option, certainly for the first few years. Kenworth have been very successful in building ‘heritage’ models like the T950 alongside the more modern product, perhaps a similar set of options may become available to the T9 buyer.

The customer could then be offered the choice between a heavy prime mover with high horsepower and all of the latest design and electronic capabilities, or the more traditional silhouette of the classic T909.

At the lighter end of the Kenworth range the future of the T3 models is also likely to be one of transformation of the designs to include the more modern cabin. Perhaps the redesign may see an extended T410 capable of covering a wider range of GVM, engine and dimension options and cover off all of the requirements of potential Kenworth buyers below the T610 range. 


new Kenworths on their way


Of course, any new model being built at the Paccar site in Victoria could now include a DAF. The CF85 is now being built at Bayswater, perhaps another model could join the options from the European truck brand?

All of these developments are happening as Paccar recently announce an investment, doubling the size of the manufacturing facility at Bayswater. The current rectangular building will be extended to turn it into an L shaped building with all of the components arriving at a receiving point at one end. The journey of new Kenworths and DAFs will see the rearranged line deliver the finished product at the other end of the new facility, where it currently exits.

This investment should further enhance the capacity of Kenworth and DAF to produce even more trucks than is currently possible and allow the company to reduce waiting times for new custom built product. Currently, the facility is producing 15 Kenworths every day.