New kids on the block

At the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show, this is the kind of image the reintroduction of the International brand will be trying to create, plenty of bling and loud rock music, with a Lonestar. However, this is not the image or the truck which will make or break the brand in Australia. That job will fall to another truck, the ProStar, to do the heavy lifting and get truck sales on the board.

With the ProStar, we are talking about a conventional truck with a driveline well proven in Australia, the Cummins ISX E5 and either an Eaton Roadranger or Ultrashift Plus. In the US market the emphasis for this combination has been on getting the best fuel economy out of a well intregrated driveline, as demonstrated in this video.

Also new at the show will be another, but this time completely new, 15 litre engine, from MAN, the D38. No-one has ever doubted the engineering prowess of the German manufacturer, but the brand has never seemed to set alight the Aussie imagination. If it can’t make an impact with this torquey and technically elegant newcomer, it never will.

Here it is, accompanied by loud rock music:

And here is a video showing  exactly what it can do, with excellent graphics explaining engine technology, plus loud rock music.

Another newcomer at the show will be the new shape DAF LF. The whole new DAF Euro 6 range has been on sale in Europe for some time and will make its way to Australia eventually. The first cab off the rank is the medium duty LF. Here we see it with an intro (in Dutch) by legendary Dutch truck writer, Iep Van Der Meer, and some loud Europop music:

This second video of the LF goes into more detail with a model, which is probably closer to the specification for Australia: