New N Series From Isuzu

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This week has seen the unveiling of the new N Series from Isuzu. The light duty range from Isuzu is the one from which Australia’s number one truck brand has grown. Starting out as a supplier of small but reliable trucks at the bottom end of the truck market, Isuzu are close to completing thirty years as the top selling truck brand in Australia.

The success of the N Series has been all about its reliability and suitability to cope with Australian conditions and requirements. In recent years, the N Series has also been a leader, introducing new technology and concepts into the lighter end of the market and driving an increasingly sophisticated level of specification in the light duty market.

This latest batch of light duty trucks ratchets up the specification levels yet again. There are two new engines and emission control systems, independent front suspension and a new in-cab audio visual system. 

There is also an Australian first included in the new range, a light duty two pedal 4×4 truck, the Isuzu NPS 75 155 4×4 AMT. Isuzu’s MYY5T five speed AMT has been specifically calibrated for Australian off-road conditions and operations. 

The engines on offer are the three litre 4JJ1 engine putting out 150 hp at 2800 rpm and 375 Nm of torque between 1600 and 2800 rpm, plus the 5. litre 4HK1 engine which is fitted in the NPR and NQR models. It is rated at 155 hp 2600 rpm and 419 Nm of torque at 1600 to 2600 rpm, or, if you want a bit more grunt, at 190 hp  and 513 Nm of torque.

For this new range Isuzu have managed to get rid of the Diesel Particulate Filter, which required regeneration cycles. It has been replaced by a much more benign Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst to help clean up emissions and meet Euro 5.


new N Series from Isuzu