New Scania’s Australia Launch Early Next Year

Just over 18 months will have passed since its global launch when the new Scania’s Australia launches in mid-March next year. This represents quite a quick turnaround, from initial unveiling to Australian model launch, for a European truck manufacturer. The Mercedes Benz Actros new generation was available for five years in Europe before its appearance here.

Details of the new range are not being unveiled at this time but the first group of trucks, the heavy-duty R Series will be available with both 13- and 16-litre engines at launch. Whether the flat-floor S Series will also make an appearance is not clear. When an S Series model appeared at the Brisbane Truck Show, Scania was non-committal about whether it would make it to Australia.

It has been confirmed the new trucks will be available in both Euro 5 and Euro 6 forms – the first models will be followed by both the more compact G Series and the smaller cabins of the P Series in relatively short order. There is also the construction orientated XT Series to come, a first for Australia.

This week has also seen the global release of the L Series range from Scania. This is a low-entry model range aimed at urban applications like garbage and distribution. This is an innovation for the brand. Low entry cabs have been available in the past, but now a more comprehensive set of vehicles form the L Series range.

With the introduction of these lighter trucks powered by the new seven-litre engine, Scania says it is focusing on efficiency with claimed fuel savings of up to 10 percent. The new-generation cabins feature a lower engine tunnel, opening up space within the lower cabin.

The L-series aimed at applications like distribution, refuse collection and maintenance. Drivers gain improved direct vision of the vehicle’s surroundings. Drivers will also be at the same height as other road users. The new model also features a kneeling mode and lower boarding steps on both sides of the cab. Drivers can also take advantage of the space in front of the engine tunnel to exit on the passenger side, thereby avoiding oncoming traffic.

The new L Series introduces something Scania are calling the City Safe Window, making pedestrians and cyclists more visible. This new window on the passenger side door is available for all P and L Series cabs.