New Shape Isuzu

Well here it is, the new shape for the Isuzu Giga, as unveiled in its world premiere at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. This looks like an all new design with a much more modern cab design than the current Giga. The heavy duty range from Isuzu has been in desperate need of renewal for some time and this new model should open up some new opportunities for the Japanese truck maker.

The models shown in Tokyo are specific to the domestic Japanese market and very different to any future Giga which may appear in Australia. The engines on offer included an eight and ten litre version, typical for urban work in Asia. Australia will probably wait for any new high capacity engine which may, or may not, be in the works for Isuzu. The company needs a replacement for its long serving, and now very dated, 16 litre engine.

The Japanese seem very exited by the new Giga, especially this marching team singing their song about the new truck: