Noelene Watson is new Chair of ATA

The Australian Trucking Association has elected a new Chair, Noelene Watson, who is the managing Director of refrigerated transport operator, Don Watson Transport. She takes over from David Simon, who steps down after four years in the role.


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Watson’s company runs a fleet of refrigerated trucks from its Melbourne, Wodonga, Sydney and Brisbane depots. It also has cold stores in Melbourne and Wodonga. She has been a long time industry advocate involved in the NTF, later NatRoad and became a Director of the ATA in 2004.


“I want to promote better health and wellbeing for our drivers in the transport industry, and especially the support services available to our drivers,” said Watson. “Our drivers are away from home for so much time that they don’t have access to all the services that should be made available to them.


“I’d also like to see drivers treated in a professional manner while fulfilling their transport task. This is a big issue for our drivers on the road. They quite often aren’t treated professionally, and it then reflects back on our own businesses, and it’s left to operators to deal with this. I’d like to promote a more professional perception of the transport industry to the public, and work with member organisations to achieve our common goals.”


Watson used the opportunity to thank the outgoing Chairman , David Simon.


“David has worked tirelessly with the NHVR, the NTC and politicians on behalf of transport operators and the ATA. He’s been a marvellous public face for our industry,” said Watson. “David’s easygoing manner and his intellect on all transport related issues have meant David’s counsel has been sought and respected by many of his peers. David’s passion for the ATA is evident in the amount of meetings he’s attended, the miles he’s travelled, and the time he’s spent away from his family on behalf of our industry.”


Diesel News would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to Noelene on her election and wish her good luck in the coming years, in advancing the cause of the trucking industry, in difficult times.