Patience is a Virtue at Linfox

It’s such a simple message but well worth saying over and over, yes, patience is a virtue at Linfox. The message, which needs to be heard by the whole industry and which this video hits again and again, is to take your time. It isn’t a race, there is no prize for coming in first.

Number one, we need drivers to understand the most important thing about their job is for the freight to get there without anyone getting hurt. Easier said than done, because a lot of the messaging that comes from other sources is telling them to get a move on.

Time slots can be one of those areas where the message gets mixed up. Getting on the road well in time to make it is not the only thing to think about. Traffic problem will always increase the urgency, in the driver’s mind, even if only a few minutes are lost.

Often the way the operations team work can suggest the need to get there quicker. Often the allocator driving their three computer screens can get caught up making sure all of their loads make it on time. Even if they are rushing and under a bit of pressure themselves, this shouldn’t be making its way through to the driver, the consequences of rushing are too severe.

It’s simple stuff, body language and the kind of language used. Take the pressure off the driver and they are more likely to get there safely, even if they are a little late. Not being punished, in some form, for missing a time slot would help.

A lecture about this every few months is not going to do the job. The need to take it steady and keep safe needs to be in every communication and procedure the driver receives. It needs to be part of the culture and the message has to be reiterated consistently by everyone.