Penske Rental Refresh

Penske Rental refresh

Since it began, back in 2014, the Penske Truck Rental fleet has grown to over 200 vehicles. Now, the business has decided it’s time for a refresh. The fleet tries to keep the average age of its trucks to around 2.5 years old. This means, every year, the rental side of the Penske Commercial Vehicles business will have a supply of four and five year old trucks to sell.


So, now a selection of trucks are moving across from Penske Truck Rental to Penske Power Systems. The trucks are mostly MAN TGS.540, TGS.480, and TGS.440 sleepers, all with 300,000km or less on the clock. There are also a selection of Western Star 4800 and 5800 sleepers with around 500,000km and up. Some may have engine and driveline warranty left.

Penske replace every sold unit with a new prime mover and it is also ordering more to accommodate growth. Accordingly, the second hand truck inventory will grow each year as the total fleet grows.

The trucks are being offered with complete maintenance histories as servicing and repair has been performed at authorised Penske dealerships. Penske Power Systems has second hand truck sales teams in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth but have confirmed they can sell into any state, supported by the authorised dealers, who can then assist with service and parts sales.


Penske Rental refresh


The MANs are an interesting group of trucks to come on the market. There are not many second hand examples of these trucks, and not much to compare them to. 

“It’s a unique supply that will replenish itself every year,” says Adrian Beach from Penske Truck Rental. “It’s still early days and what we’ve listed so far is a small sample size, but we’ve had a lot of action and they’re selling well. Purchasing gently pre-loved low-km MAN prime movers for half the price of a new truck might be a winning strategy for a medium-sized fleet operator. Maybe the next-best thing to our fully-maintained operating leases.”