Planning the Route Forward

planning the route forward

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator continues in its planning the route forward for  a truly national truck regulation regime with the introduction of the NHVR Route Planner, which replaces the Journey Planner from June 27.

This looks like another small step towards the genuinely national system trucking operators were promised ten years ago and which is materialising at a frustratingly slow rate, so far. At least this new map can be utilised to determine which authorities control which road.

The issue of access has been a major bugbear for both the trucking operators and the NHVR as both strive to get the road managers to follow some basic rational processes to make access permission a simpler task and more consistent. Operators often have to wade through many hours of research to find out which road authorities are in control of each section of any proposed route and the under-funded and sometimes outright obstructive road managers are often slow to react to any permit applications.


planning the route forward
The route planner tool can also be used to plot out the route Sal Petroccitto and his team may have to follow around mainland Australia to get the road authorities to agree to a national consensus on access and truck regulation


The new Route Planner has been designed to make it easier for trucking operators to plan their journey with accurate and up-to-date road information; and a ‘Street View’ feature that allows users to visually review locations and surroundings.

The tool also features detailed Road Manager boundaries; extra map layers for vehicle types, rest stops and networks; and handy draw and measure tools.

Drivers using Route Planner can view approved road networks for heavy vehicles and pinpoint locations that require access applications.

Route Planner uses improved Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping information, including data from the Public Sector Mapping Agency, Google Maps and MapData Services.

For those who used the previous version, the IDs and access to existing routes have been carried across onto the new system.

The NHVR recently held a free webinar for operators to learn about upgrades to the Portal. Click here to catch up on the changes.

Anyone interested can visit the NHVR Portal Help Centre for information on how to use Route Planner. 


planning the route forward