Politically Incorrect Trucking Too

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Here is a follow up to a video Diesel News first aired over two years ago, and the question still remains, is this an example of politically incorrect trucking too? The industry needs to have a debate about what is and isn’t politically correct, especially because many in the trucking industry got their first experiences with trucks in a very similar manner. 

Now, young Kirk is two years older and able to reach the pedals easier and see over the steering wheel quite well. He also looks like he is driving further and in worse conditions than he did two years ago. He is also better at checking all the wheels on the combination.

Yes, it probably is politically incorrect, but that does not mean it is incorrect. What it does mean is times have changed and it is no longer possible for everyone wanting to get into trucking to get involved at an early age.

The trucking industry does need to project an image of a mature, responsible and professional industry. There are no children allowed in truck cabs in the vast majority of the road transport game. However, if you are someone who wants to pass on their passion to their children and has access to an environment like the back roads of Western Queensland, what is wrong with letting the lad have a crack?

This a livestock truck, out in the country working in a remote area and loading cattle in an environment in which the father and son team can work safely and act responsibly. The young Kirk has probably been introduced slowly to aspects of hauling cattle as he has grown older and more capable.

This is not someone being irresponsible, who is playing fast and loose with the safety of a young boy. This is a young man getting some real fun hands-on experience of life in the trucking industry and helping out his old dad, but for some it is politically incorrect trucking too.

Would I let my son have a go in a truck like this? Absolutely not, he is a terrible driver. But, my daughter? She would be able to have a go and make a decent fist of it.


politically incorrect trucking too