Realignment of the Kenworth Range

Two new models from Kenworth, the T410 and the T360, are part of a general realignment of the Kenworth range, as the 2.1 metre wide standard cabin design works its way across the offering from the Bayswater-based company.

The T610 trucks are now those fitted with 15-litre engines from Cummins and the T410 range are trucks fitted with the 13-litre engine from Paccar, the MX13.

In the past, a model like the T409SAR was often sold fitted with a 15-litre X15 engine, but this is no longer the case. If you want a 15-litre engine, you go the T610 or any of the other T6 models still available, plus, of course, the T909. The T410 will only be available with a Paccar 13-litre.

The more specific role for the new T410, with only one engine size option, still covers a wide variety of applications. It will be seen hauling a wide variety of different loads around our cities and on intrastate freight routes where the top power 15-litre is not required. 

“The core of this truck is we have one engine,” says Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing Paccar Australia. “We have the Paccar MX13. It is an engine available in Euro-5 and has been around for a very long time in the DAF product and in Kenworth for five years. It’s a proven product, but now we have managed to put some upgrades into it. Now, we have a two-stage engine brake.

“Previous installations of this engine were 24volt, so we had to adapt the truck to handle the higher voltage with converters and the like. This engine now has a full 12 volt electrical system, which means a simplified installation, taking away some cost and some complexity. 

“Most importantly this gives us full compatibility with the Bendix Fusion system, which we have sold a lot of in the T610. It gives us a whole package of safety systems, which are very important, particularly when dealing with people like the fuel industry. This means all T410 models will have full access to these safety systems.”


realignment of the Kenworth range


Paccar in the US recently announced the sale of the 200,000th MX13 engine fitted in one of their trucks. It has been successful in terms of its tare weight and low noise levels. It has a flat-topped torque curve from 1000rpm to 1400rpm, making it flexible for the transmission and easier to drive. 

A new introduction as a third transmission option is the Paccar 12speed twin countershaft AMT. It remains only an option because the maximum GCM it is rated for is just 50 tonnes. This makes suitable for single trailer work only with no B-double option. The heavier masses will still have a choice between the traditional Roadranger and the Ultrashift Plus, which are rated up to 70 tonnes.

This new transmission has been sold in the US truck market for some time, coupled with the MX13. In fact, this AMT was developed with Eaton and is based on the their Endurant AMT, sold in large numbers on the US market as a fuel saving option.

This transmission has the advantage of being developed specifically for the MX13 engine to provide smoother communication and optimisation of power and fuel use. It is also much lighter than the other options on offer. 

Diesel News’ limited opportunity to drive a truck fitted with this AMT did demonstrate how smooth changing this gearbox can be. The combination of Paccar MX13 and the Paccar AMT leads to an experience very close to that which drivers of European trucks have had for some time. 

Both of the AMTs available will be controlled by a stalk on the steering column, which also controls the two-stage engine brake. 



realignment of the Kenworth range