Reduce the World’s Use of Diesel and Excess Carbon

reduce the world’s use of diesel and excess carbon

An Australian start-up eyes how to reduce the world’s use of diesel and excess carbon. Greentek helps logistics businesses increase their profitability, win more contracts, mitigate their risks to climate change. 


After years in development Greentek now provides solutions for the mining, long-haul trucking, buses, in fact any diesel engine. The Greentek solution is bold with a money back guaranteed reduction of 15 per cent of their fuel bill. 

“Whilst we guarantee a 15 per cent reduction we see a range of savings from 15-25 per cent in the real world use of our Greentek solution,” said William Matar, Greentek CEO. “A recent series of tests of a clients Brisbane bus found the fuel savings were 25.72 per cent reduction in diesel, 50 per cent fall in dangerous carbons and a 80 per cent reduction in the ‘black smoke’ exhaust. Those businesses that benefit the most are those with the biggest fuel use. 

The reduction in diesel use reduces climate change impacts and extends the life of diesel engines until a replacement technology is found in the future. Buses are also a big fuel user with full acceleration and many stops on the typical school run. 

“We are a small family business in Sydney,” said Matar. “Our core businesses is operating a bus fleet and one of the biggest costs is fuel. About a decade or two ago, we began exploring a simple idea. How can we reduce our fuel costs? This became our obsession, and along the way we not only worked out how to save fuel, save logistics businesses money and also get them a fast return on their investment.

reduce the world’s use of diesel and excess carbon

“We now have many patents, worked with some really amazing professors and professionals, from across the world, including Dr Hien Ly, a global specialist. Dr. Hien Ly, holds degrees of Bachelor of Engineering (BE, Mech.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He undertakes independent consulting work in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, in particular working with leading edge energy technologies. 

All of this started with a simple question, how can we save fuel costs? Unlike cars there are no viable alternative energy systems for the next decade or two other than diesel engines for heavy freight. Saving fuel, you extend a cleaner life for diesel engines, and reduce the world’s use of diesel and excess carbon. 

How does it work? We inject hydrogen gas with air through the air inlet of the diesel engine. This results in less diesel use, and it burns more efficiently. This is achieved by adding a small tank of hydrogen, (like a scuba tank(s) in size). Which takes seconds to refuel. 

The key to this working well is our smart electronics which ensures the right mix of fuels to deliver a minimum of 15 per cent in fuel savings. The installation has only three points it connects with on the diesel engine. The importance is that the Greentek solution does not impact the engine management system. Which has been in the past a major issue with vehicle warranties. 

“The three points of contact are the small hydrogen tank and filler tap, the air intake and fuel intake, said Matar.