Refocus and Renewal for NatRoad

Two initiatives announced this week show the National Road Transport Association reinvigorated after the RSRT conflict. The association has announced NatRoad members and the NatRoad Council voted unanimously to renew the constitution.


“We need to ensure the voice of the industry and our members is strong, relevant and proactive for the contemporary challenges we all face,” read the NatRoad statement. “In the wake of the RSRT, the next 12 months will be a critical time for the road freight industry as the focus shifts to safety reform.


“This new constitution gives NatRoad and members a modern foundation to be more relevant and proactive in advocating for a safe and competitive industry. Importantly it brings greater accountability to the NatRoad organisation and the team.


“It also gives NatRoad a clearer direction to drive greater membership value and to become the leading and most effective national road transport association in Australia by 2020.”


Also this week, NatRoad announced the formation of the Owner Driver Working Group in the wake of the protests over the RSRT.


Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO
Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO


“The voice of owner drivers is an important voice for small business operations throughout Australia and we want to make sure that owner drivers continue to be heard,” said Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO. “The Owner Driver Working Group, will be chaired by a NatRoad Board Member and will be an active committee that brings owner drivers together to make a genuine contribution to the industry and to owner driver businesses.”


NatRoad said there are three ways for NatRoad members to be involved with the Owner Driver Working Group:

  • Option 1 – Express your interest in joining the working group
  • Option 2 – Register as a contributor to the working group
  • Option 3 – Subscribe as a member or non-member to stay informed about the working groups activities and achievements


Those interested are able to choose their level of involvement through an online feedback form which has been set up.