Safety Workwear for Truck Drivers in 2019

Safety Workwear for Truck Drivers in 2019

The Road Transport and Truck Driving Industry in Australia is huge, and still growing. Truck drivers are as invested as anyone in prioritising health and safety, with a lot to consider when in charge of a large truck and its load. Appropriate workwear options for a comfortable and secure ride are all part of the equation.


Truck drivers are skilful negotiators of our roads and highways, while the Australian Trucking Association represents 50,000 businesses around the country. With many kilometres to cover, schedules to follow and deadlines to meet, safety workwear for truck drivers in 2019 is a high priority.


Safety Workwear for Truck Drivers in 2019


2019 style safety workwear

Safety workwear is manufactured specifically to help workers perform their duties efficiently, effectively and safely. Appropriate safety clothing is important, and if you are spending a lot of time behind the wheel, or in and out of the cab, you will appreciate the initiatives of great Australian workwear companies such as RSEA.

For starters, there are literally hundreds of work boot styles available from close to a dozen well-known manufacturers. The work and safety boot range includes lace up and zip sided boots built for walking, climbing, lifting, comfort and safety. Shopping for quality shoes or boots in a regular department store is often a complete waste of time, making safety workwear specialists such as RSEA the obvious solution. Choosing safety workwear for truck drivers in 2019 is finally becoming a tailored experience, and men and women who appreciate convenient purchasing options couldn’t be happier.


Safety Workwear for Truck Drivers in 2019


All-over appeal of the best safety workwear

The safety workwear you require will be determined to some extent by the climate. Australia is a huge country, spanning cool-temperate to tropical regions, and the appropriate clothing will assist you to remain comfortable when carrying out work duties. Workplace-specific and casual Items for safety and comfort for truck drivers include:

* Jackets and jeans

* Jumpers and hoodies

* Shirts, shorts, T-shirts

* Vests and other high visibility gear

* Accessories such as belts, bags and towels 

And don’t forget to consider a suitable trucker hat. Why sweat the small stuff when your hat can be breathable, comfortable and provide protection from the sun’s glare. Truck driver’s safety workwear in 2019 is a major improvement from years gone by, with more purchasing options than ever. Online browsing or buying is a cinch, while RSEA also provides superior in-store service that fills a huge demand. Safety workwear can be durable, fashionable and affordable.


Safety Workwear for Truck Drivers in 2019


Safety workwear for a new generation of truck drivers.

Whether you are a full time, part time or occasional truck driver, or are considering truck driving as a career, you will require specialist equipment and the right clothing for the job. Safety workwear prioritises the health and wellbeing of operators, customers and other road users, and that has got to be a good thing.

Safety workwear available in 2019 includes hard-wearing and long-lasting items specifically designed for truck drivers. RSEA supports quality garments, shoes, work boots and accessories created by leading manufactures and designed with comfort in mind. The best safety footwear, clothing and accessories are all on offer at RSEA for the best possible price. 

Safety remains at the forefront of considerations in the Road Transport and Truck Driving Industry, with employers and industry experts appreciating improved safety workwear standards. Truck driving regulations evolve according to industry changes, so upgrading your uniform while also maintaining your vehicle makes good sense. 

Many employers pay for official uniforms and safety centred options for their staff, and RSEA can fit out your entire team. Explore the many classic and innovative safety workwear options at RSEA prior to purchasing, and appreciate the difference genuine safety workwear can make.