Scania P-Series, Zero-Emission Nikola, Automated Transmission Renault, WA Logistics Launch and New Iveco Dealer

This week in Diesel News, we have Scania P-Series, Zero-Emission Nikola, Automated Transmission Renault, WA Logistics Launch and New Iveco Dealer.


Scania Reveals P-series Cab and Updated Five-Cylinder Engines

Swedish original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Scania has revealed its new P-series rigid truck for European markets, coinciding with the launch of the XT Construction Truck range.

Scania has said that it will showcase six different P-cab variants including the “CP14L with a low roof – particularly suitable as a starting point to make room for highly productive and advanced bodywork that goes over the cab roof – to the CP20H for those wanting comfortable interior spaces, a lower weight and lower boarding steps, with a cab that is mounted lower in relation to the vehicle’s chassis.”

Scania Trucks Product Director – Construction,  Anders Lampinen, said: “While there isn’t evenly weighted demand for all the versions, for us at Scania it’s a matter of credibility to be able to offer the right variant for applications and requirements that are not so common, as well.

“The entire Scania philosophy of always being able to offer the best total operating economy, thanks to customised solutions for all applications, is based on the diversity and customer benefit provided by the Scania modular system.”

According to Scania, the P-series in Europe is mainly intended for customers who rarely stay overnight in their vehicles but who often climb in and out of them.

“A new P-series with a low roof has the same roof height as a P-series from the PGR generation, which of course provides compact outer dimensions, so it is good in environments where headroom is limited,” said Scania. “The new CP17N or CP20N provides a cab that has 10 centimetres more interior headroom than previous versions. This is consistent with all of Scania’s new generation cabs where interior space has increased.”


Nikola Partners with Bosch on Zero Emission Prime Mover

US-based company Nikola Motor Company is aggressively targeting the electric vehicle market with a new partnership with Bosch to make its ‘zero local emission’ prime mover a reality.

Nikola revealed its truck lineup in December last year, and since revealed that the vehicles, dubbed ‘Nikola One’ and ‘Nikola Two’, will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Now, the new partnership with Bosch will see it develop a new electric powertrain based on Bosch’s eAxle expertise.

Nikola One and Two aim to deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 lb ft of torque – nearly double the horsepower of any semi-truck on the road, according to Nikola.

“We have been aggressively pursuing our goal of bringing the most advanced semi-truck ever built to market,” said Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton.

“The powertrain requires an innovative and flexible partner able to adapt quickly to the speed of our team. Bosch has empowered us to come to market quickly with automotive-grade hardware and software so our vision can become a reality.”

The Bosch eAxle is a scalable, modular platform with the motor, power electronics and transmission in one compact unit that will be paired with the custom-designed hydrogen fuel cell and use commercial vehicle electric machine technology and SMG (separate motor generator) motors from Bosch.


Renault Kangoo Diesel to Feature Auto Transmission

Renault Australia’s Light Commercial Vehicle division will introduce an automated transmission for the Kangoo diesel before the end of 2017.

The two-pedal turbo-diesel Kangoo will use a similar six-speed Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission as fitted to the 1.2-litre petrol-engine Kangoo, which was launched in Australia in February.

“We’ve been looking to add an auto diesel powertrain to the Kangoo range for a while now, and I’m pleased to say that the specification we want has now gone into production, and we should receive the first vehicles prior to Christmas,” said Lyndon Renault Australia LCV Senior Model Line Manager, Lyndon Healey.

The OEM has said that the six-speed EDC is an automatic dual dry clutch transmission and is the ideal gear for any driving condition, which is selected automatically by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

The Renault Kangoo diesel EDC will reportedly provide very smooth gear-shifting characteristics, with a shift time 290 milliseconds. The transmission’s ‘creep’ control has been designed to pull away gradually when the brake pedal is released. Also, the EDC transmission will offer Hill Start Assist as standard, ensuring safe starts on an incline when partnered with the creep control system.

The Kangoo EDC’s 81kW/240Nm of torque from the 1.5-litre diesel engine will feature an ECO Mode, cutting fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent, according to Renault Australia. When activated via a switch beside the handbrake, ECO Mode will adjust the management of the gearbox ECU, enabling gearshifts at lower revolutions per minute.


GAC Australia Launches Logistics Service

GAC Australia has opened a new consolidation warehouse in Perth, marking its first foray into the logistics business, in parallel to its shipping services available at all Australian ports since 2007.

The opening of the new warehouse comes in response to growing demand for storage space and distribution services from a major client with operations in Western Australia. The facility is located in the new Swan Brewery Estate at Canning Vale, about 20km away from Perth International Airport and Fremantle Port, with easy access to transportation links through the major road network.

The 800m² facility features a 5m x 5m warehouse door and an 8.5m truss height, allowing trailing equipment to reverse into the facility for loading and unloading. Arriving goods are consolidated and packed into pallets before being distributed to domestic and international locations.

“Australia has significant quantities of discovered gas resources,” said Scott Henderson, GAC Australia’s Managing Director. “In Western Australia alone, resource projects and infrastructure in the pipeline amount to billions of dollars. It is home to many local and international companies servicing the oil and gas, as well as mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sectors, presenting plenty of opportunities for project logistics and warehousing services providers.

“Having established a strong foothold in the country’s shipping sector, we are now ready to expand our portfolio to provide logistics services, and Western Australia is an ideal launch pad for our logistics operations.”


Suttons Group Joins Forces with Iveco

Truck manufacturer Iveco has announced that Australian auto dealership company Suttons Group has assumed ownership of its largest New South Wales-based dealership, and is already well-progressed in consolidating its operations.

Iveco General Manager Daniel Glynn has said Suttons Motors identified some huge opportunities for the Iveco brand.

“Suttons Motors saw enormous potential in the Iveco product range,” Glynn said.

“With a model range spanning everything from passenger car licence vans and light trucks through to road train prime movers, we can offer a transport solution to anybody who walks through the dealership doors.

“We see a very bright future for this dealership and for Iveco as a whole, and we’re looking forward to working closely with Iveco Australia and more broadly with CNH Industrial, to take Iveco Sydney to the next level,” he said.

Iveco Sydney is located on the corner of Penelope Crescent and McCormack Street, Arndell Park.