Supermarket Contract Rates Deal

A new initiative from the big players in the road transport market looks at setting rates for the transport of goods destined for the big supermarkets. NatRoad has come out this week and expressed its ongoing concerns over the possibility the Road Safety RemunerationTribunal may shortly proceed to issue a Road Safety Remuneration Order to govern Contractor Minimum Payment Rates.


The NatRoad warning follows the recent four day RSRT Hearing in Melbourne at which Linfox and Toll, supported by the Retail Council and several employer groups, submitted an alternative costing model to the one provided to the RSRT by KPMG.


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The large transport and logistics operators have indicated support for an Order specifically for the sector engaged in transport of goods destined for sale in supermarkets, reckons NatRoad. The majors have also indicated support, albeit at a lower level, and subject to further discussion, for an Order governing the long distance sector more generally.


The NatRoad message to smaller trucking operators is to advise them of the importance of applying the KPMG costing model to their own particular business operation. It is also stressed, all operators should review the current Linfox and Toll submission rates which have been published on the RSRT website.


According to NatRoad, if after applying the cost models to an operators business the trucking company has any concerns either against or in support of the draft Order and/or the possible effects on contractors, they must consider providing a brief submission directly to the Tribunal outlining their concerns.


Submissions have to be into the system by midday on December 9 2015. All relevant material including the KPMG Cost Calculator and the Linfox Toll submission and rates are available on the RSRT website. Submissions can be emailed to