electrification of all types of vehicles

Electrification of All Types of Vehicles

Front and centre was electrification of all types of vehicles and components, as the Atlanta-based Technology and Maintenance Council in the USA managed to get the news out just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit America’s shores, earlier this year, Diesel’s US correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports. Read more

drive a practical electric truck

Drive a Practical Electric Truck

There has been plenty of hype in the media about the potential of electric trucks, but Diesel News went to see and drive a practical electric truck. It may not have all of the high-end super-high-tech of the the highly publicised trucks like Tesla or Nikola, but it does have some runs on the board. Read more

electric trucks are the future

Electric Trucks are the Future

Reading the latest about new trucks around the world, we can be in no doubt that electric trucks are the future and it is simply a matter of how long until electric power predominates.  Read more

an explosion of interest in electric vehicles

An Explosion of Interest in Electric Vehicles

All across the trucking industry in the United States observers are currently seeing an explosion of interest in electric vehicles. Diesel’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, tells us the latest announcements are topped by Amazon’s decision to purchase 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans for last-mile operations. The most remarkable thing about this amazing order is that the vans currently do not even exist. Read more

fully electric garbage handling by Mack

Fully Electric Garbage Handling by Mack

With unveiling of the Mack LR battery electric vehicle (BEV), the company introcduced fully electric garbage handling by Mack. The new truck combinies the US refuse industry standard design of the Mack LR model with a fully electric Mack drivetrain. The demonstration model will begin real-world testing in 2020 in the operations of the New York City Department of Sanitation. Read more

electric DAFs for hauling containers

Electric DAFs for Hauling Containers

A container hinterland logistics network, Contargo is currently in operation in Germany using electric DAFs for hauling containers. These fully electric field test vehicles collect and deliver containers at the inland Port of Duisburg in Germany.  Read more

electric truck solution for Ikea

Electric Truck Solution for Ikea

Queensland transport operator, All Purpose Transport, is now offering an electric truck solution for Ikea and its other customers, with the introduction of an electric delivery vehicle into the fleet.  Read more