What's Happening in the Twitterverse?

What’s Happening in the Twitterverse?

Let’s have a look at what’s happening in the Twitterverse? There are the terrible conditions in the parking bays truckies have to use, top ten tips, lane bans and electric trucks. First up a Facebook page to show the disgusting conditions truckies have to put up with when taking a break in a parking bay.

There are the Truckie’s Top Ten Tips, advising car drivers about how to behave around trucks. This is a message we all need to get out there.

Trucks are being prohibited from the right hand lanes on Queensland’s motorways. This is probably happening because the motorists are not taking notice of the story above.

We will all have to learn how to behave around the new generation of electric trucks starting to appear on our streets, you can’t hear them coming!

Mercedes’ First Fully Electric Truck 

Launched earlier this year, Mercedes’ first fully electric truck is the all-electric ‘Urban eTruck’, based on a three-axle Mercedes Antos distribution chassis (complete with a heavily camouflaged cab) which was duly described as, “The first fully-electric truck for heavy distribution operations.” Less than two months later, up popped the Urban eTruck again, only this time sporting a smart curvaceous futuristic cab, and in pride-of-place at the centre of Mercedes’ IAA show stand. Electric heavies are suddenly big news. Read more

Electric Trucks’ Potential as a Mainstream Alternative

What’s accelerating electric trucks’ potential as a mainstream alternative to a diesel-powered truck? Answer: batteries. After years of struggling to get the power density up and the cost and weight down, thanks to the latest generation of lithium ion batteries all-electric heavies are looking increasingly operationally viable, rather than simply technically possible, especially at the heavy end. Read more