new power options from Scania

New Power Options From Scania

With the release of new 540 hp engines in Australia, plus a global launch of hybrid and fully electric trucks, there are a series of new power options from Scania. 

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first all-electric light truck in Australia

First All-electric Light Truck in Australia

Fuso will introduce the world’s first all-electric light truck in Australia next February, when the Fuso eCanter, which produces zero exhaust pipe emissions becomes the first mass produced electric truck to go on sale in the country. Read more

electrification of all types of vehicles

Electrification of All Types of Vehicles

Front and centre was electrification of all types of vehicles and components, as the Atlanta-based Technology and Maintenance Council in the USA managed to get the news out just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit America’s shores, earlier this year, Diesel’s US correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports. Read more

electric truck which still goes hard

Electric Truck Which Still Goes Hard

The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX has been launched and gone on sale with plenty of hype around the fact that it is an electric truck which still goes hard. This video includes smoking tyres and acceleration statistics to show that this is not a soft and easy going truck, but a real truck which can be exciting to drive. Read more

Electric trucks from SEA

Electric Trucks from SEA

“Electric trucks from SEA are really in a consolidation phase now,” says Joe Di Santo, SEA Electric Sales Director ANZ, who works out of the SEA Electric headquarters in Dandenong in Victoria. “We’ve moved from a research and development business, to one pumping out the same type of product consistently. We are doing production now. The next 12 months will be important for us to keep refining the process. Read more

holding back electric truck development

Holding Back Electric Truck Development

One of the ongoing issues which is holding back electric truck development is the battery technology available. This is a fast-moving field and new technology is appearing all of the time. This development is crucial, as the way to make them economically viable is for the batteries to be lighter and able to hold more charge, giving the electric trucks more range. Read more

a zero-emission heavy duty truck

A Zero-Emission Heavy Duty Truck 

The Nikola Tre is a zero-emission heavy duty truck aimed at markets outside of North America. Manufactured by Iveco in Europe, the truck uses a choice of two Nikola zero-emission drivelines, originally developed for the company’s electric trucks for the US market. Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, has seen the truck in the metal and assesses its viability. Read more

the vans currently do not even exist

The Vans Currently Do Not Even Exist

Amazon made a decision to purchase 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans for last-mile operations, and the most remarkable thing about this amazing order is that the vans currently do not even exist. Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, investigates. Read more

drive a practical electric truck

Drive a Practical Electric Truck

There has been plenty of hype in the media about the potential of electric trucks, but Diesel News went to see and drive a practical electric truck. It may not have all of the high-end super-high-tech of the the highly publicised trucks like Tesla or Nikola, but it does have some runs on the board. Read more