S-Way better than Stralis

S-Way Better Than Stralis

Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers reckons the latest heavy duty release from Iveco in Europe is ‘S-Way better than Stralis’. He opines the S-Way is a huge improvement over the Stralis it replaces, but could Iveco have done a bit more with the interior? Read more

low-entry cabs on the streets of London

Low Entry Cabs on the Streets of London

Going Global’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, explores the UK’s growing demand for low-entry cabs on the streets of London, and gets behind the wheel of the market-leading Mercedes-Benz Econic. Read more

first test drive of the S-Way

First Test Drive of the S-Way

Hot off the presses comes the first test drive of the S-Way from Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. He takes the new truck around the test track in Madrid in the wake of the new truck range’s global launch in the Spanish capital last week. Read more

crossing the borderline

Crossing the Borderline

Here in Australia we all complain about the problem involved in crossing the borderline with a truck. Things have been getting a lot better in recent years, but there is still clear disparity between the way regulations are written and interpreted from state to state. Read more

road train versus platooning

Road Train Versus Platooning

Following a recent trip to Australia, Will Shiers ponders the road train versus platooning question and asks why the UK doesn’t go down the road train route instead of trialling truck platooning.

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a big banger from Iveco

A Big Banger from Iveco

According to reports on European websites, including Commercial Motor, Iveco are about to release a new version of the Stralis, and included in those plans is a big banger from Iveco. Reports suggest a completely new cabin for the Stralis among a substantial range of new features.

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what do they think of us?

What Do They Think of Us?

When we talk to trucking people from other countries it’s always interesting to ask them what do they think of us? Australian trucking is very different from the rest of the world and held up as an example of how to increase on-road productivity by many advanced trucking markets, from the USA to Germany, from Tokyo to the UK.

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longest regular trucking task

Longest Regular Trucking Task

CEVA Logistics has further extended its road freight service across Asia between China and Europe to begin running the longest regular trucking task. This follows on from CEVA’s first ever TIR documented truck to Poland at the end of last year. The company recently marked a new milestone with its first ever truck from China arriving safely at its destination in Spain.

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range anxiety

Range Anxiety

Diesel News’ man in Europe Will Shiers was suffering from range anxiety on his attempt to get into the record books by driving a natural gas-powered Iveco Stralis from London to Madrid on a single fill of LNG.

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