how technology is fighting the battle against fatigue

How Technology is Fighting the Battle Against Fatigue

The cabin of a truck is one of the deadliest workplaces in Australia, with a report by the National Transport Insurance company finding that 53 truck drivers died in 2019, and truck driver deaths rose by 65 per cent from 2018, so it is important to look at how technology is fighting the battle against fatigue. A major contributor to these sobering numbers is fatigue. Read more

will this be a victory for common sense?

Fatigue Management is More Than Just Driver Hours

The topic of fatigue goes way beyond such things as an electronic work diary (EWD), and fatigue management is more than just driver hours. Since fatigue can manifest in ways that aren’t necessarily as cut and dried as hours of service or distance driven. For businesses the broader challenge is how to increase productivity while keeping both their drivers and other road users safe. Read more

Fatigue Choices campaign

Fatigue Choices Campaign

“Through our Fatigue Choices campaign we have asked operators to come in and have a chat with our safety team,” says Andreas Blahous, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Senior Specialist (Fatigue Management). “They know their businesses and drivers. We ask them to tell us what they think is going on and if there is anything which they want to do which they can’t do under the current rules. Then we can have a conversation about those risks and how they can manage those risks. Read more

getting fatigue management right

Getting Fatigue Management Right

Any changes to the fatigue rules and enforcement will need a good deal of flexibility built into the system if the aim is getting fatigue management right. There is a lot which works under the current regime and there is a lot which does not. Read more

today’s driver is expected to remain alert

Today’s Driver is Expected to Remain Alert

Whether it’s tiresome, monotonous long haul journeys or dealing with the congested traffic, pedestrians and cyclists in dense urban environments, today’s driver is expected to remain alert, vigilant and ready to react to any unforeseen incident.  Read more

looking at a technical solution for fatigue

Looking at a Technical Solution for Fatigue

With the increasing emphasis on safety in the trucking industry, year on year and the intention becoming clear that fatigue monitoring will be included in future regulations, many operators will be looking at a technical solution for fatigue when developing a fatigue management strategy. Read more

getting smart about fatigue

Getting Smart About Fatigue

A number of operators are now getting smart about fatigue and using a new technology to manage the issue. Smart Cap measures fatigue to warn drivers and operators about potential issues. Read more

fatigue by the numbers

Fatigue By The Numbers

Thanks to the annual National Transport Accident Research Centre report we can now get a picture of the situation surrounding fatigue by the numbers on a regular basis. Read more