start looking after our truckies

Start Looking After Our Truckies

As truck driving is such a low status profession in Australia, perhaps, when the country suddenly realises it needs them after all, we should start looking after our truckies. Or, perhaps, we should have been looking after them properly all of the time. Read more

a technological solution to fatigue

A Technological Solution to Fatigue

There is a lot of talk about how a technological solution to fatigue is both possible and effective. There is also a very large group of people in the industry who will resist any attempt to mandate any such technology. Read more

finally tackling a long standing problem

Finally Tackling a Long Standing Problem

We have to commend the people at Transport for NSW for finally tackling a long standing problem with the announcement of a pilot scheme of fining tourists parking in allotted truck parking places. This has only been a problem for time immemorial, but at least someone has woken up to the issue. Read more

watch out for fatigue flexibility fatigue

Watch Out For Fatigue Flexibility Fatigue

There have been quite a few reviews and then re-reviews of fatigue rules and how to improve them, perhaps we now have to watch out for fatigue flexibility fatigue? The subject seems to be fraught with hurdles and we could end up with the same old, same old. Read more

flexibility for truck drivers

Flexibility for Truck Drivers

This week has seen the announcement of a measure, as an extension of an existing initiative, that will improve the lives and increase flexibility for truck drivers to use their vehicles outside work hours. Read more

truckies talk about trucking life

Truckies Talk About Trucking Life

Here is a great video commissioned by the Atlantic Monthly magazine where truckies talk about trucking life, its up and downs and ongoing issues. Admittedly, this is in the US, but if you asked the same questions in lonely truck stops across Australia you would get a similar set of answers. Read more

lack of sufficient rest areas on our highways

Lack of Sufficient Rest Areas on Our Highways

Gary Mahon, Queensland Trucking Association CEO, sparked off a round of applause at the NatRoad Conference, when he was talking about the lack of sufficient rest areas on our highways and suggesting a solution which might help drivers who cannot find a decent place to rest.  Read more

more flexibility in fatigue rules

More Flexibility in Fatigue Rules

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is calling for more flexibility in fatigue rules in its submission to the Heavy Vehicle National Law review being conducted by the National Transport Commission.  Read more

suffering from fatigue fatigue

Suffering From Fatigue Fatigue

Perhaps many people in the trucking industry are suffering from fatigue fatigue, but now is not the time for slacking off, we need to wake up and get working. There is plenty of work to be done, mainly consultation about the fatigue provisions which will be included in the new Heavy Vehicle National Law, to be premiered next year by the National Transport Commission.

Read more

the return of the RSRT

The Return of the RSRT

Now might be a good time to start preparing for the return of the RSRT. In the wake of the defeat of the Labor Party at the recent election some people in the industry may be thinking that the plans and minimum rates reforms being spruiked by Senator Sterle and the Transport Workers Union have gone away. They have gone away, for now, but they may well come back.

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