RoadRanger Dinosaurs?

With the ever increasing fitment of automated and automatic truck transmission, are those of us with the hard-earned skills involved in simply changing gear becoming RoadRanger dinosaurs? For those who haven’t been initiated in the dark arts of double de-clutching, this video shows just how much is involved in the skill.

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18 Speed Roadranger versus Ultrashift Plus

18 Speed Roadranger Versus Ultrashift Plus

If you want a heated discussion, then one of the subjects which will provoke the most heat would be comparing two products from the USA, the 18 Speed Roadranger versus Ultrashift Plus. The two sides to this story represent two strong ways of thinking about the trucking industry. Read more

The Paradigm Shift

There is little doubt this dawn of the age of autonomous trucks represents the paradigm shift which will take trucking much further in the 21st century. The developments in recent years have seen quantum shift after quantum shift in what automated systems can do. Read more

The Latest New Model

Here’s an introduction to the latest new model from Mack, the Anthem. This new truck was unveiled in the US last month with plenty of fanfare and dry ice. It represents the Mack brand in the US coming up with a more modern look while still retaining the ‘traditional’ Mack look and feel. This, in itself, is a difficult feat to achieve, as Mack had always lacked a genuinely contemporary image. Read more

Technology Marches On

The trucking industry changes very quickly, as technology marches on, higher and higher. Ask anyone working in trucking about the biggest changes in their career and they would all be technology related. Read more

New Models From International

This year will see the introduction of a number of new models from International. There are four basic models in the new ProStar range arriving on the Australian truck market – a day-cab prime mover, a day-cab tipper chassis, an extended cab sleeper and a 40-inch sleeper-cab prime mover option.

All of these will have just one engine option – the Cummins X15, the renamed evolution of the highly successful E5 ISX. It will be rated at 550hp (410kW) and put out 2,580Nm (1850 ft lb) of torque. This is probably the most popular engine and rating in the Australian heavy-duty market. So no surprises there. Read more

Does It Feel Like a Kenworth?

Does It Feel Like a Kenworth?

Walking across the yard before road testing the T610, it was a hot summer morning at Brown and Hurley’s Yatala dealership, the question is does it feel like a Kenworth? Is it still a matter of climbing up into the cab, smelling the familiar interior and turning the key to hear the familiar Cummins roar, to get that feeling?

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