moving towards a touch screen dashboard

Moving Towards a Touch Screen Dashboard

The world’s truck manufacturers have been moving towards a touch screen dashboard for some time and this process has taken a major step forward with the introduction of the new Actros from Mercedes Benz.  Read more

getting smart about mass

Getting Smart About Mass

New alternative solutions are now emerging, as the trucking industry and regulators start getting smart about mass. The issue around access and how trucking operators can confirm compliance with mass restrictions has always been a contentious one. Read more

increasing productivity with SPECTS

Increasing Productivity with SPECTS 

Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport are increasing productivity with SPECTS, pioneering using Transport for NSW’s Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme, known as SPECTS. The system has been devised to enable operators to be able to run new combinations without having to add the Intelligent Access Program to their trucks. Read more

new Cascadia bang up to date

New Cascadia Bang Up To Date

By bringing the electronics on the new Cascadia bang up to date, Freightliner can then include all of the latest safety and efficiency features sophisticated onboard computing power can offer. The systems available allow for a high level of communication around the vehicle but also to the outside world. Read more

artificial intelligence or driver intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or Driver Intelligence?

The trucking industry’s headlong dive into the latest technological solutions for just about everything begs the question as to whether we need more artificial intelligence or driver intelligence? We keep on putting more black boxes into the cab, at great expense, but how much is being spent on making the drivers themselves better? Read more

new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

New Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

The user interface for trucking fleets has got easier with the introduction of a new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack. The new dashboard is designed to deliver richer insights on fleet and driver performance.  Read more

into the brave new world with Isuzu

Into the Brave New World With Isuzu

In a new move this week, it is clear we are heading into the technological future, into the brave new world with Isuzu. Responding to the unprecedented rate of technological change within the global and domestic transport sectors, Isuzu has announced the creation of an Innovation business unit. Read more

Cascadia is finally here

Cascadia is Finally Here

The original classic Cascadia came out in the US back in 2007, but now the Cascadia is finally here, the truck has made its way to Australia, seeking to shake up the conventional truck market. Read more