Technology to the Next Level

technology to the next level

It could be said the Razor Delta Leg Drive Kit takes electric landing leg technology to the next level. This innovative landing leg system is an electronic, motor-driven attachment able to raise or lower landing legs on any compatible trailer at the touch of a button. 

The drive allows the driver to complete other important tasks while it lowers or raises the landing legs in a safe and efficient way, reducing the risk of injury and improving productivity. The device has undergone extensive testing and in-field trials to ensure its suitability for the rigorous operating conditions in Australia with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes in conjunction with standard landing legs. 

The system has been-designed to be not only robust, but lightweight and compact to provide quick and easy fitting. The Razor Delta landing leg drive is available for fitment to all major leg brands and is particularly suited to Jost, Holland, K-Hitch, Binkley and York legs. 

On the fascia of each Delta drive you will find a keypad to operate the unit. The supplied 12V battery is clamped inside the battery enclosure. This power kit must be fitted to a sturdy location on the trailer close enough for wiring harnesses to connect to the Drive unit.


technology to the next level


Operators are recommended to check cable plugs (at trailer service intervals) to ensure they are clean and dry inside. Faults can arise from bad electrical connections. If moisture is detected within the connector plugs or on the battery terminals, apply a suitable conductive moisture inhibitor.

The operator can use both gears in the leg and this is achieved by sliding the Razor in and out on torque arm. If it is hard to slide along the torque arm., ensure there is no build up dirt causing a binding effect, clean as required. (this may require drive to be removed and refitted).

To replace a controller, undo the 2 off M4 bolts and remove controller by gently tapping on the back of controller as per below image. Any authorised service centre can provide this service if required.

Batteries have a limited life (typically 5 years). A well maintained battery will achieve the best life. Keeping the battery as fully charged as possible at all times is critical. Long idle periods for the trailer (several months) could result in reduced battery life if the Razor is left connected.

It is important to stress:

  • Razor Drive should not be operated without the torque arm fitted.
  • The Razor Drive in conjunction with landing legs can create high forces. Ensure the supplied caution labels are fitted to each leg to avoid possible injury from high force created.
  • This Razor Drive unit must not be installed on a trailer used for transporting flammable goods without approval from the relevant authority.


technology to the next level