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Here’s an introduction to the latest new model from Mack, the Anthem. This new truck was unveiled in the US last month with plenty of fanfare and dry ice. It represents the Mack brand in the US coming up with a more modern look while still retaining the ‘traditional’ Mack look and feel. This, in itself, is a difficult feat to achieve, as Mack had always lacked a genuinely contemporary image.

This is probably a good time to point out the fact that this model is very unlikely to appear on our roads in this form, or with this name, at any point. Mack in Australia retains a separate model range. That being said, we can certainly expect this angled bonnet shape to influence what we might see down the track in Australia. Elements on the dashboard will definitely feed through, as will the electronic architecture.

The clunky but switch-laden steering wheel is an optional extra in the US market and may remain so for Australian truck buyers. Expect the LED lighting system to come though with the next big launch

In common with a lot of US truck launches, this one is pretty light on the nitty gritty details. All of the publicity is about the you beaut interior with its LCD screen and electronic controls, plus all of the driver comforts behind the seats, with a walk-through, and well-appointed, cabin providing the US truck driver with all of the latest luxury items.

In fact, the truck comes with either the 11- or 13-litre MP engine rated up to a maximum of 505hp. Torque tops out at 1,860 ft lb. There are two manual transmissions, Mack’s and Roadranger’s, plus an Allison Auto and the ubiquitous Mdrive AMT

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