The New Kenworth T410 and T360 on the Move

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Here is a short video giving us a bit more of a look at the new Kenworth T410 and the T360 on the move, taken at the recent showcase of the new trucks at Anglesea in Victoria.

The introduction of these two new models means the Kenworth brand has a modern state-of-the-art truck throughout its main range, apart from in cabover. Of course, it will continue with these outliers in terms of cabovers, the very top of the range and road train prime movers, models like the K200, T659, T909, T509 have a specific market and are not set to change anytime soon.

Of course, the K200 and the T909 are popular sellers, but Brad says there are concrete plans to launch any replacement any time soon. However, modernisation must be on the drawing board for these two, at least. As usual the Paccar organisation will play its cards very close to its chest and the K200 and T909 are too important to be tinkered with lightly. 

However, for now a truck buyer looking for anything from a heavy duty rigid with a nine litre engine all the way up to a road train prime mover with a 15 litre engine has the option of going the next step with a modern conventional Kenworth truck. 



the new Kenworth T410 and the T360 on the move