The Right Truck for the Job

the right truck for the job

There are not that many Hyundai prime movers on the roads in Australia, but Steve Young reckons he has found the right truck for the job with his Xcient prime mover. Diesel spoke to Steve and asked him about his operation and how the new truck is performing.

Some people like to stick with what they know, when it comes to buying a truck, but there are others who are looking for something different, something which will do the job it needs to do, as well as expand the operation’s horizons. 

Diesel met Steve Young and his Hyundai Xcient prime mover in Toowoomba just after he had delivered a load of timber to the local Bunnings. Steve’s business is all about hauling fencing materials for a large timber wholesaler Future Wholesale Timber based in Meadowbrook in Brisbane’s South. The major customer requiring timber for delivery are the Bunnings Warehouses dotted around SE Queensland.

the right truck for the job

It is mainly materials for fencing, plus sleepers etc. for gardeners. Steve has been working this contract for over two years. He has been an owner driver for fifteen years. With over 30 years experience in trucking, he can be said to have pretty seen it all before.

Starting at the age of 18  as a driver, Steve’s career in the industry has seen him drop in and out of trucking, seeing the grass as being greener elsewhere and then returning to the business and culture he knows. 

Over the years, there has been some interstate driving experiences and some time spent with road trains. However, there was a lot of running in and around South East Queensland. He has always lived and worked in the Brisbane region and is now settled in Ipswich, not too far from his main collection point in Meadowbrook. 

“I just got tired of getting put off all of the time as an employed driver,” says Steve. “At the end of the day I just turned around and told my wife I was going to go and buy a truck. She ummed and ahhed about, but in the end we got one.”

The first truck was an Iveco which served them well, but in the end it was getting a bit long in the tooth. When the decision to replace it was made, Steve had a look around at the market. 

the right truck for the job

“Because Bunnings facilities are so tight, I have to have something with a good turning circle,” says Steve. “Someone told me about the Hyundai Xcient coming into the country and I did about three months of research on it, even before I went and had a look at one. 

“Everything which came up about the truck seemed right, and I was talking to my mechanic about the truck, he agreed, itsounded like a good truck. Then when they came in I went down and had a look at it. We decided that was what we wanted and went with it.

“Everything I saw in the research side of it, I could see it would be pretty good. When we went and had a look at it. it was a lot better than I thought it would be. It was a lot roomier than I had imagined. We were surprised how good it was. I reckon it is finished just as well as any truck you can buy.”

In the timber hauling task it is now working in, the truck is carrying a 24 tonne payload all of the time and Steve reckons it is the right truck for the job and has been more than satisfied with the way it will pull up ranges like Cunningham’s Gap when he is heading out to the Bunnings at Warwick. 

the right truck for the job