The Sheer Scale of the Truck Task

the sheer scale of the truck task

In the case of refuse collection and management, the sheer scale of the truck task calls for not only more transport solutions, but also a better and more diverse range of application-specific product.

Efficient waste management is a must for the successful operation of our modern cities and towns. As with all essential services, continued investment and innovation are required to deliver the outcomes expected by the diverse stakeholders.

Crunching the Australian waste numbers, the National Waste Report 2019 tells us that Aussies generate 67 million tonnes (Mt) of waste each year, of which 37 Mt was recycling.

Numbers like that means we’d require a direct workforce of about 33,000, with an estimated 2,846 waste management centres. And while there isn’t an official number on the number of waste management–related vehicles, we can look at the major industry operators who have approximately 5,000 waste collection vehicles between themselves.

That equates to approximately one vehicle having to handle 13,400 tonnes of waste per year.

It’s a tough application. From the demands on the equipment, to an increasingly challenging operating environment, a fit-for-purpose product is a must.

Key considerations for the Scale of the Truck Task

  • Size and payload
  • Harsh stop-start operation
  • Driver visibility and ease of operation
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Reliability and durability
  • Local solutions for local challenges


the sheer scale of the truck task

The Isuzu Dual Control truck range is a tailored solution, designed to handle the rigours of the Australian landscape, waste industry demands and the sheer scale of the truck task.

Developed in Australia, the newly expanded range couples product value and reliability with low tare weight—which ultimately means more gets transported cost-effectively.

With key GVM, specification and wheelbase variants, the range caters to a broad range of waste applications including road sweepers and side-lift compactors.

Where payload is a priority, Hendrickson rear airbag suspension is available, offering tare weight advantages of up to 250 kg. Rugged steel spring rear suspension can also be specified for harsher and off-road environments.

Power comes from the Isuzu six-cylinder, 24-valve 6HK1-TCC and TCS engines, providing performance, economy and efficiency, especially under high-idle conditions.

The driver environment is well catered to with industry-spec Allison automatic transmissions and ISRI 6860 adjustable air-suspended seats with integrated seat belt across both left- and right-hand driving positions. 

For ease of operation, the instrument panel is duplicated on the left-hand driving side, and both driving positions feature air-assisted steering wheel height adjustment for complete customisation and control.


the sheer scale of the truck task