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Here’s another selection of images from the trucking world on Instagram. We start off with a rather large bulldog looking got wrong direction. No idea why the bulldog is on there and where it is going. It is not a golden bulldog only a silver one, which would suggest this truck does not have a 100 per cent Mack driveline.

Here’s a common sight on the roads of country Queensland, a Frasers’ B-triple full of livestock. Note the two different lead trailer lengths.



On this B-triple the lead trailers are both the same length, but they have different roof heights. Not only does this look odd as it passes you on the highway, but we would suggest the change in roof heights is going to cause major air turbulence at highway speed, reducing fuel economy. This is not the heaviest B-triple on the road with only tandem axle trailers.


the trucking world on Instagram