Truckline knowledge and availability keeps mining moving

Truckline knowledge and availability keeps mining moving


Time is a valuable resource, as are the parts and accessories needed to keep your truck and trailer moving. Waiting long periods for a specialty part is not an option, and it’s for this reason that Truckline, Australia’s leading truck and trailer parts retailer, is committed to providing top quality aftermarket parts and accessories when you need them the most. Few people understand this as much as customer Damien Kennedy, whose Caboolture-based company Tioicen provides transport solutions to the mining industry across Australia. Delays can cost both him and his client big dollars.

Truckline knowledge and availability keeps mining moving

Tioicen’s fleet includes 14 pieces of heavy equipment across multiple brands, including Kenworth, Western Star, Freightliner, Mack, Mercedes and Volvo, and Damian relies on his local Truckline for all his parts requirements. With 65 years of experience servicing the Australian trucking industry, the retailer’s catalogue has over 25,000 competitively priced parts and accessories, supporting all makes and models of North American, European and Japanese vehicles.

Industry-best parts availability

Downtime is costly for everyone but according to Damian the stakes, and dollars, are higher in mining.

“The mines are committed to paying for the trains, regardless of whether they’re full. So if machines are down and they can’t get the resource to the train for loading then that costs them millions of dollars,” said Damian, who can also be penalised financially due to contractual obligations if a project is delayed.

“Our local Truckline dealer is absolutely brilliant. They’re the best place I’ve ever sourced parts from. They will source something from anywhere and get it for us in a very timely manner,” said Damian.

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Damian cites oil, filters, air valves and brakes as his most frequent requirements, most of which are available in-store, but he’s also turned to Truckline with trickier requests, including highly specific parts for his oversize vehicles and an engine rebuild kit.

“A rebuild kit is not the run of the mill thing you have on shelves. Truckline sourced one for me, saved me around $4000 and had it here the next day. I was so impressed they went the extra mile instead of just saying ‘we don’t stock that in our warehouse’,” said Damian.

Truckline holds 80% of their inventory in store so customers can quickly find the part they’re looking for, and fast. To minimise time on any orders, Truckline have two major depots, strategically placed on both the east and west coast to ensure that delivery of goods is faster than any of their competitors.

24 company owned stores, Australia-wide

With Tioicen’s fleet traversing all states, Damian also values Truckline’s national network of stores. Recently a drivers needed a fan belt in Kalgoorlie and Damian arranged a replacement through his usual Truckline Caboolture store. The local staff told the Kalgoorlie branch what was required and arranged all the invoicing, allowing Damian’s driver to simply walk in and pick up the part.

“It saves a lot of time when you’re not familiar with suppliers in an area,” said Damian, “otherwise you’re onto Mr Google and you don’t know what they’re like, whereas if we’re in Melbourne, Perth or North Queensland we just ring Truckline and they can help us out,” said Damian, who praises his local store’s value for money and knowledge of his business.

Truckline knowledge and availability keeps mining moving

Knowledgeable staff

“When it comes to parts I want a good price but I don’t want substandard quality and our local Truckline knows that. They’ll find me the best value for money part that will last. They understand our priorities and preferences and they know that a breakdown in the middle of WA is not an option for us.”

Truckline employ the industy’s most knowledgeable and best-trained staff to ensure customers receive personalised service in a timely fashion. Across all ages, makes and models of truck and trailer, the staff are dedicated to understanding the customers’ operations and needs. They provide industry-best knowledge and fast, reliable service to bring value to customers and establish a partnership (not just a sale).

Truckline’s product range is competitively priced and, thanks to great relationships with leading brands, they are able to run regular promotions and attractive offers, ensuring they remain the best value for money parts provider in the Australian trucking market.

“Truckline have 100% of our parts. We first started with them simply because they were five minutes down the road and now we’ve continued because of what they offer us in service, availability and knowledge. The knowledge of the people there is absolutely brilliant,” said Damian.