UD Launches the Eight-Litre Quon

UD launches the eight litre Quon

Following on from the success of UD Trucks’ New Quon, launched in 2017, UD launches the eight litre Quon in the lead up to the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. The new addition to the Quon range comes after a positive reception for the 11-litre Quon in the Australian media. 

The eight-litre Quon will come in two models, the CD 25 360 and the CW 25 360, with the former being the showcase piece on UD’s stand at the Brisbane Truck Show in May. The new addition features a GH 8 engine, with a maximum output of 358hp (263kW) at 2200 rpm, with a maximum torque of 1428 Nm between 1200 and 1600rpm. The eight-litre engine makes tare 300kg lighter than the original 11-litre models, improving payload. 

According to UD Trucks, the Quon has redefined the heavy-duty Japanese truck market in Australia and the eight-litre version delivers the same features and the same dependability as the 11-litre. It’s adapted for Australian conditions and includes features such as disc brakes and longer service intervals.

UD Trucks has also designed the eight-litre Quon to include all of the safety features included as options in the more powerful Quon. This includes: Traffic Eye Brake, UD Stability Control, and Lane Departure Warning System. The eight-litre Quon has also been designed to maximise fuel savings, including ECO mode, adaptive cruise control, and ESCOT Roll in the package.

“The eight-litre version is an exciting addition to the Quon range that offers the same levels of drivability and safety as the 11-litre version,” said, Mark Strambi, UD Trucks Australia Vice President of Sales. “It really is a fantastic truck. Slightly smaller than the 11-litre models, it still possesses a sizeable payload, while offering operators extra flexibility through a greater load efficiency.”


UD launches the eight litre Quon