VISA Global Logistics is Joining MEGATRANS2018

VISA Global Logistics, is joining MEGATRANS2018

Award-winning Australian international logistics company and freight forwarder, VISA Global Logistics, is joining MEGATRANS2018 at its inaugural supply chain event to showcase its service offerings.


VISA Global Logistics CEO, Simon Hardwidge, said that MEGATRANS2018 is not just about equipment suppliers, it embraces the entire freight and logistics chain.


“As a global enterprise with dealings with importers, exporters, retailers and

manufacturers, VISA Global Logistics is seizing an important opportunity to represent at MEGATRANS2018 to demonstrate how we add value to our clients,” said Hardwidge.


“As one of Australia’s largest privately-owned international freight forwarding companies, we have an extensive global network that continues to grow.


“Last year alone, the company acquired offices in India, Spain and the Netherlands while opening new facilities in Italy. In order to remain competitive, and to look to the future, it is vital for businesses in the freight and logistics space to push innovation and share ideas.”


VISA Global Logistics was awarded the Freight Forwarder of the Year Award at the 2017 Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards.


VISA Global Logistics is Joining MEGATRANS2018


At the event in May, the operators, suppliers and representatives of the country’s logistics industry will be making contact, making progress as they convene at Australia’s inaugural multimodal trade event, MEGATRANS2018. For the nation’s industry associations, it will be an invaluable opportunity to meet face to face with the individuals they work hard to represent.


When it comes to effecting meaningful change to laws, norms and attitudes that impact Australia’s supply chains, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face contact. The intricacies of doing business across state and national borders mean, all too often, crucial feedback can go unheard, leading to process inefficiencies that prove costly for the smallest and largest of businesses.


MEGATRANS2018 aims to bridge the divide between those performing, legislating and advocating for the country’s logistics operations, providing a platform for collaboration across industry segments that have previously been operating in isolation.


Industry associations have been eager to get involved with the trade event, embracing the opportunity for constructive, immediate feedback and dialogue with members and the industry at large.


The Victorian State Government is the show’s official Partner, while the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), the National Transport Commission (NTA), the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA), the Freight Trade Alliance (FTA), the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA), the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), Transport Certification Australia (TCA), the International Container Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) and the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) are all on board as Association Partners.


For the ALC, MEGATRANS2018 will be a forum for meaningful discussions that will shape the future of the sector.


“We are excited to support MEGATRANS2018, which will play a vital role in connecting industry payers for collaborative opportunities and facilitate thought leadership engagement,” said Michael Kilgariff, Managing Director, ALC. “The Australian Logistics Council is focused on improving supply chain efficiency across the freight logistics industry and ensuring increased value and economic benefits for our members and the broader community.”


State priorities


The Victorian State Government, ALC, VTA and Port of Melbourne Corporation will host a Ministerial Breakfast Briefing at MEGATRANS2018, at which the Victorian Minister for Roads, Road Safety and Ports will join other government representatives and industry experts to discuss trending topics, investment developments and future planning for the logistics, freight and infrastructure industries in Australia and abroad.


“MEGATRANS2018 will be the essential trade event for companies looking o be at the forefront of innovation, technology and industry collaboration,” says Peter Anderson, CEO, VTA. “[It] is an incredible opportunity that will bring increased value for all attendees.”


Leading the conversation


ARTSA, an association designed to unite regulators, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, parts and services to the road transport industry and promote the uptake of practices and technologies that enhance the safety, productivity and reputation of the industry, will host its annual Global Leaders’ Summit at the show.


“We see this event as an opportunity to bring together international thought leaders in a world-class conference and exhibition,” says Dr Peter Hart, Chairman, ARTSA.


The 2018 Global Leaders’ Summit, ‘Global disruption – how to thrive in the new age’ will explore the disruptors and drivers of change globally, and what they mean for freight and logistics.

“The rate of change in the logistics industry is breathtaking,” adds Peter. “Understanding the emerging technologies, product innovation and the underlying demand changes is fundamental to survival in this competitive landscape.”


MEGATRANS2018 will take place 10-12 May, covering the entire 30,000m2 footprint of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Four sections will cover the exhibition space: Road Transport; Logistics & Materials Handling/Warehousing & Storage; Infrastructure; and Air, Sea & Rail, and there will be a technology focus throughout.


Alongside ARTSA’s Global Leaders’ Summit and the Ministerial Breakfast Briefing, the event will host the Logistics & Materials Handling Mercury Awards, and the FTA and APSA’s Global Shippers Forum.