Well Made, But Is It Well Targeted?

This latest information video from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is well made, but is it well targeted? There is a lot of information to get out there and a lot of stakeholders who need to get a handle on the new chain of responsibility rules, but how effective is this video and how much did it cost?

There are currently 145 people subscribed to the NHVR YouTube account and this information video has had 585 views. That’s not a lot of penetration, and those who are probably keeping an eye on NHVR publications are people like Diesel News and others in this space, who are already quite well informed.

Of course there are more than 585 viewers who are going to see this video. In fact the video is embedded as the lead in to CoR information on the NHVR web site. This is an embedded version of the YouTube one, so any views on the NHVR site will be counted on YouTube. This is still not getting it very far out there.

The issue is also highlighted on the NHVR Facebook page (they are nothing if not up with the times!) this points back to the webpage with the embedded YouTube video. It has received a number of likes but we are still looking at the same number who have seen this video.

The NHVR Twitter feed also talks about the new video and duly takes the click on the link back to the webpage with the embedded YouTube video. On Instagram the NHVR appears to be a clothing brand. Social media is being used but there has been little reaction.

Perhaps the problem is the nature of the NHVR beast. It is a part of government and does have to march to the beat of the government drum. They do have speakers on who know what they are talking about, both Nola Bransgrove and Graeme Hoare, from Martins Transport are well known in this space and the two representatives, from Woolies and Metcash add credibility. However, is this just preaching to the converted, are the people in the transport industry who need to know about this getting this message?

Last week, Diesel ran a video made by Transport for NSW. It was well designed and eminently shareable. Something which made a simple point, which people will sit up and think about. Perhaps NHVR need some help from the NSW Government?