What Do They Think of Us?

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When we talk to trucking people from other countries it’s always interesting to ask them what do they think of us? Australian trucking is very different from the rest of the world and held up as an example of how to increase on-road productivity by many advanced trucking markets, from the USA to Germany, from Tokyo to the UK.

This video sees Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, getting his first experience of driving a multiple combination, in this case, an ABB Quad. (I did try to explain to him the way to describe a multi-combination correctly, but he still gets it wrong.)

Of course, for a European this is an exciting drive and very different from anything he would have experienced before. The drive out of Brisbane, up the Toowoomba Range and then out past Roma to get into Quad country would have been very different to anything he has experienced before.

The kind on on-road problems we have learned to live with in a truck in Australia would be unthinkable on the smooth and relatively safe roads of Europe and pulling something at 120 tonnes feels a little different to running with a single trailer at 40 tonnes.

You can read more about Will’s adventures in country Queensland and his preference for road trains over platooning in his article in the latest issue of Diesel Magazine. To find out more click here. 



what do they think of us?


There’s more from Will on this topic in his column for Commercial Motor.