What’s Going On in Mackay?

What’s Going On in Mackay?

The trucking industry in Central Queensland is asking what’s going on in Mackay? This is after the Mackay Regional Council (MRC) came up with new rules on heavy vehicle parking.


The new rules state:


Residents can not park their heavy vehicle on private property or premise. An individual can be fined $1000 and a business $5000. This is stated in council’s current planning schemes.


On street


Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 motorists are not permitted to park their heavy vehicles on streets in residential or built up areas.


Council’s Technical Services Officers and Queensland Police Officers will attend to on-street heavy vehicle parking complaints.


You can lodge a complaint with council by phoning 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or visiting council’s website. Council will attend to non-urgent complaints during business hours.


What’s Going On in Mackay?


Those opposed to this measure point out many locals have invested in rural properties, so they are able to drive their work vehicles to their own home to park for convenience, security and minimise fatigue.


The proposed Local Law could exacerbate fatigue issues if drivers cannot find a suitable place to park near their home.


NatRoad, the Queensland Trucking Association, Agforce and the Transport Workers Union have all sent submissions to the MRC about their proposed Local Law No. 8 (Heavy Vehicle Parking) 2017.


All of them have stated their strong opposition to this draconian measure. The measure is seen as anti-competitive likely to seriously hamper local transport businesses.


“If ‘heavy vehicle’ drivers are not allowed to park their vehicles on their own properties. As there are no heavy vehicle parking areas in Mackay, where are people expected to park?” asks the NatRoad submission. “Who will provide security and deliver the driver to their homes and back to their vehicles each day?


“There may be valid reasons for imposing restrictions on trucks and semi-trailers parking on residential blocks in urban areas. However, the proposed Local Law also applies to all rural properties, regardless of their size.”


The submissions also list some more aspects of the rules which are unreasonable:

  • Only one heavy vehicle may be parked on the residential premises at any time – this should be subject to the size and layout of the property
  • The heavy vehicle must be parked in a class 10 building
  • The heavy vehicle must not be visible from any roadway
  • The heavy vehicle may only enter and exit the property after 6.30am and before 6.30pm