What’s Tru-Shu All About?

what’s Tru-Shu all about?

Anyone visiting the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year would have seen the scrum around the Tru-Shu stand and may not have had the time at a busy show to have investigated further, Diesel Workshop has asked, what’s Tru-Shu all about?

Tru-Shu is designed, developed, tested and manufactured by ASET Engineering an operation based in Hartley, in country South Australia. ASET Engineering engages in research and development as well as manufacturing to support its freight business, All-Size Equipment Transport Services (ASET Services). 

The specialised freight work performed by ASET Services has required the development of specialised trailers. These trailers have features that simplify the loading and delivery of over-dimensional freight around Australia. A further key aspect of the company’s goal in design is to minimise maintenance and breakdowns on its equipment.

One of the features of the development work has included designing improvements to current components or sections of trailers including suspension, brakes and ramps. Some of these developments are stand-alone products that have greatly benefited the ASET company and it is one of these developments which is now being offered to the market.

Tru-Shu brake shoe support mechanism is the first of several smart ideas developed by ASET. There will be other products that improve safety and minimise maintenance costs coming onto the market over time.


what’s Tru-Shu all about?


So, what’s Tru-Shu all about?

For many years, ASET owner, Ken Pitt ,had been frustrated at the amount of brake shoes that were quickly going out of alignment and being prematurely replaced. This problem rendered the trailer or prime mover liable to being defected at a roadside inspection.

This is a common problem in the industry of which, any workshop which maintains vehicles or removes brake defects will be aware. The cost was unacceptable to Ken as replacing each one cost well over $1,000, not including down-time. In some cases, it can be a much greater cost and a safety issue, as the S-cam can come loose and smash into the drum bolts, disintegrating them onto the road and rendering that brake entirely ineffective.

Not happy to put up with this wasted time and money, Ken, Gordon and their team got to work to find a solution. After a few years of experimentation an effective solution was found. Since that point the fleet at ASET Services has never had a brake shoe ride out of alignment. The problem was gone. 

The obvious next step was to share the benefit with others in the industry. The final result is the product now known as Tru-Shu. So, what’s Tru-Shu all about? It’s a patented, tested and engineer approved solution to a decades old problem. A simple to apply one-off remedy. For an outlay of a few hundred dollars per trailer the problem is instantly eliminated. Whenever brakes are replaced the Tru-Shu will bolt back on with only the addition of new single-use bolts. 


what’s Tru-Shu all about?