Why Safety is Vital in the Truck Industry Nowadays

a vital link in the Australian economy

Road transport and the truck industry forms a vital link in the Australian economy, and includes road freight transport and road passenger transport. The industry grew by more than 16 per cent between 2003 to 2015, and continues to grow in 2019. 


In response to the rapid growth (and associated accidents) the Australian Government has identified the road transport industry as a national priority under The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22. The initiative is heartening and fully supported by invested parties, underlining why safety is vital in the truck industry nowadays.

It is equally important for part time truck drivers, builders and DIY types to fully appreciate and understand truck safety – an initiative fully supported by Australia’s leading vehicle suppliers and equipment hire depots. When best industry practices are implemented, many accidents and injuries attributed to trucks, other heavy vehicles and trailers can be avoided, including seemingly innocuous ailments such as sprains and strains. 

An inordinate number of full-time drivers continue to suffer from injuries and diseases associated with the occupation, with complications often caused by obesity, sleep apnoea, smoking and a lack of exercise. Part-time and occasional truck and trailer users are also subject to risks that include:

  • Poor vehicle design: This can result in discomfort, loss of attention and musculoskeletal problems.
  • Lifting heavy weights: The truck can handle the load, but can you? Injuries caused when loading and unloading vehicles are all too common.
  • Working at height: Falls, slips and trips while clambering up and down can cause serious injury, and appropriate safeguards should be in place.

Fortunately, progressive Australian companies, including truck and trailer hire depots encourage and facilitate accredited certification, training programs and safety standards for developing the skills you need to carry out all tasks in the appropriate manner. If you are considering truck or equipment hire to perform work functions, it’s highly advisable to connect with a safety-first company such as Coates Hire. 


a vital link in the Australian economy


Here are just a few reasons why:

  • All Coates Hire machines carry a printed service sticker detailing the machine’s service program, including when and where it was serviced and who it was serviced by.
  • Coates Hire provides logbooks that enable operators to safety-check the equipment before use and record any faults that are found.
  • Operating and safety instruction sheets are provided by hire branches to advise the customer how to operate the equipment safely.
  • To be fair, most people are unqualified or unable to drive and operate a large rig without causing danger to others, and it’s best they don’t even try. Truck driving is for brave and capable people, not risk takers, and although there has been a significant decline in truck-related accidents and injuries during the past decade, workers compensation claims in the trucking industry remain second only to the defence force, firefighters and police. 


a vital link in the Australian economy


However, people who hire small trucks and trailers should be equally vigilant in their use. Any unfamiliar vehicle will take some getting accustomed to, and it’s imperative that the vehicle you use has passed all relevant safety checks and inspections. Whether you are considering hiring a small truck, trailer or ute, or a large truck attenuator for undertaking major works, attention to safety is vital to ensure you get the job done properly without putting yourself or anyone else in harms way. 

The Australian Trucking Association proudly represents 50,000 business around the country, and was established to improve trucking industry safety, professionalism and viability for the benefit of everyone. Fleet owners such as Coates Hire are benefitting from the partnership, and are ready, willing and able to pass on their knowledge and expertise to you.